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So I've been in the mood to get some rp going again and I've had two ideas that I've been looking at doing for a while and I'd appreciate some general thoughts on interest levels.

First I've considered trying to get the Concendo family out there with more characters being played by people who aren't either Ellen or myself. Brief bit of background it's a patriarchal family led by Magus Concendo. Family largely consists of human mages but there are of course non magical and non human exceptions. This would be less an active group and more just expanding and building on some existing ideas. The only downside to this is that I know I personally roll my eyes whenever I see a new family thread or House * thread because do we really need another one? Answer is rarely yes.

Second is an eastern lands related group/plot. It's being facilitated through my existing Concendo characters so of course if I go ahead with the first one than that would tie into this.

Anyways would appreciate some feedback/interest level info. Post here or pm me

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Khaji said:
I think an eastern lands rp would garner more attention. I like both, but an expedition would be great.

I've similar feelings.
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26-Jun-2016 00:16:25

Cio Sicarius
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Cio Sicarius

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To be honest;

We need less new groups and more active members for the existing ones - or active people to stir up freelance. But active is the key word - I personally am not satisfied with having this server have no RP other than 15-30 minute stints that you have to request OOCly. I remember there was a time you could go in character and things would happen, the world was more dynamic and people forged their stories and character/clan development through random interaction. You could go IC pretty much all day if you wanted.

Now you can walk from one side of the map to the other without running into a single role-play and your only hopes of getting one is to ask for tavern Rp in Falador (and likely be ignored by the scores of "roleplayers" stood there doing nothing) or pester someone on Skype, most of the time only to be told "tomorrow" a few times.

Spreading the populace even thinner between more groups is not good for the server. People need to dedicate their time to fewer groups each instead of having a billion characters with 1% of the development they would have if they had one char in one clan. If the entire server even only had 2 or 3 groups completely full of active people dedicated to that one character and it's story, then Server 42 would already be miles better off than it is now. If I had my way I'd ban guesting, but that'll not happen.

If you have the role-play bug back, don't make a group right away because you won't get meaningful role-play. You'll lose motivation and **** off again before long, and that's not a personal dig. What'd be best for you would be to align yourselves with the most active people on the server and prompt RP.

Don't stretch the population any more unless you plan to have a group that will:

-Be active daily.
-Prompt RP.
-Spend more time ic than ooc standing around.

If you think you can do that with another magical house, go ahead. As long as it's not custom magic, because just don't.

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Lady Ria
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Lady Ria

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I'm going to say to go for it, Magus.

Liked the Concendo back when Magus first started to be played, like them just as much now.

Get some involved with the Tower, rp is daily over there, and the more the merrier. The Guild is also amazingly active. Can't go a day without a plot happening.

If the Concendo are going East with their ships as I suspect, don't be afraid to reach out to the Void Knights either. They have ships that sail East to fight things coming from rifts in the ocean there.

Most importantly, don't be afraid to let people take a wing of the family and run with it. A central family roleplay is hard to run these days, other than a roleplay to the side between family members' other business.

Thinking as an example, someone like Morgan and Magus could be at the Tower, while Theodore managed a home port, and a salty Concendo pirate had signed on to captain ships headed east. Weekends they meet up together, do a solid event or two, then go back to their weekly jobs.

Most importantly, good luck, as I've said over Skype and otherwise.

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