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Sodden Hound
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Sodden Hound

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Was chatting with a few people about this. I don't mean skill levels (like a thread I made about a year ago?). I mean stats, yooo.

Evasiveness, Accuracy, Attack Power, Magic Power, Defense, Hitpoints, Health Regen, Speed are the ones that come to mind for combat.

Charisma, Wisdom, Knowledge, Resourcefulness, Trustworthiness, Stealth, Perception, Friendliness, Intuition are the only ones I can think of for non-combat, but feel free to suggest more non-combat stats that aren't RS skills!
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Sodden Hound
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Sodden Hound

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Gonna do some for my characters because bored. And also as an example.

Felix Nocte - Combat
Evasiveness: Low
Accuracy: Average
Attack Power: High
Magic Power: High
Defense: Below Average
Hitpoints: High
Health Regen: High
Speed: Low

Wendy - Combat
Evasiveness: Above Average
Accuracy: Average
Attack Power: Low
Magic Power: Above Average
Defense: Low
Hitpoints: Below Average
Health Regen: Above Average
Speed: Above Average
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Bruce Willis
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Bruce Willis

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Evasiveness, Accuracy, Attack Power, Magic Power, Defense, Hitpoints, Health Regen, Speed are the ones that come to mind for combat.

Pyrus Wrath - Combat:
Evasiveness - 4
Accuracy - 5
Attack power - averages around 7
Magic power - potentially 9
Defense - 3
Hitpoints -9
Health regen - 8
Speed - 5

1-10 scale
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Forseti Greyfur - Combat
Evasiveness: Dodging is for cowards. (low)
Accuracy: Throw enough things and one or two are bound to hit. (nil)
Attack Power: Do you need to ask? (Very High)
Magic Power: Low but useful. Useful with fists. (low)
Defense: Enough. (Average)
Hitpoints: Depends on alcohol level. (High, but lower when drunk)
Health Regen: Wounds are good for trophy scars! (High.)
Speed: Depends on where his enemy is. (Average, unless running in a straight line)

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Startraphell Talbot - Combat

Evasiveness: All the dodge. (Very high)
Accuracy: ... Well s*. (Little to none at a distance of over 6 feet)
Attack Power: I lift. (Medium)
Defense: Eehh... (Low)
Hitpoints: Please whip me more, Mistress. (Stupidly high)
Health Regen: Not sure how to respond to that one. (Vampyre)
Speed: FSAT (Very high)
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Neon Knights
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Neon Knights

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Mishra - Combat
Evasiveness: Rotting flesh kept together by tight robes does not scream agile. (2)
Accuracy: Luckily he kept his eyes when becoming a lich. (5)
Attack Power: Staffs are not very good at stabbing, he can still do a decent bonk though. (4)
Magic Power: He has always seeked knowledge in both life and unlife. (10)
Defense: Robes are not very good for defense. (3)
Hitpoints: It's hard to kill what is already dead. (10)
Health Regen: Being alive for a looooooooong time is good for the heart. (8)
Speed: He can be pretty quick. Sometimes. (3 to 6. Depends if he has not been hit or injured.

Achilleus - Combat
Evasiveness: Armor too big for a wee kid. (4)
Accuracy: He has good eyesight, unlike his father figure Vick. (8)
Attack Power: That kid is way too strong for his age. (8)
Magic Power: He knows almost no magic. (2)
Defense: He can take a hit. (7)
Hitpoints: Young age is good for the blood flow. (7)
Health Regen: He has been through Infernus and back. (7)
Speed: Nope. (2)

(Insert name here) - Combat
Attack Power:
Magic Power:
Health Regen:
Achilleus the Void Knight

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Doc Doctor

Doc Doctor

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Why not? Sounds like a good way to kill two minutes.

Gonad Yaksplitter - Combat

Evasiveness: 7 - Being a naked grandmaster of martial arts requires one to be great at slipping past certain enemy attacks. Gonad's massive size is the only factor that proves problematic in this regard.

Accuracy: 10 - It's hard to avoid being grabbed by a dude with hands bigger than your face. Especially when he's two feet away.

Attack Power: 10 - Gonad's wrestling finishers are called finishers for a reason. Even mahjarrats dare not to get inside his reach.

Magic Power: 0 - He has absolutely no sparklies to speak of.

Defense: 3 - It is the way of the berserker to receive damage in order to give it. Gonad sometimes allows himself to be wounded just for the hell of it. Perhaps his largest weakness is his willingness to let enemies get their attacks off.

Hitpoints: 10 - Gonad may not wear armor, but his toughness mirrors that of a grizzly bear. The only way to stop him is to disable his conscious nervous system by way of knock out, blood loss, or destruction of the heart, brain, and/or cervical vertebrae.

Health Regen: 3 - Gonad is as healthy as a yak, make no mistake, but because of his haphazard nature he rarely gives his body a chance to recover. On his own, Gonad would have died long ago. Lucky thing he has wizardly friends who heal him on a regular basis. Without them he'd not last the week, especially when one considers the ridiculous cartilage damage his knees take from supporting his dynamic bulk on a regular basis. Knee problems have always been the bane of super heavyweights, and as fantastic as Gonad's power is, he's no exception.

Speed: 10 - At the very /least/ you have to be a seven foot tall, quarter ton Bruce Lee to be able to take on greater demons.
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Dawn - Combat
Evasiveness: 10. Good luck hitting somebody who can turn into smoke at will.
Accuracy: 6 outside of her smoke, 9-10 inside it.
Attack Power: 4 - She's decently strong on her own, but has to augment her striking with magic. Which comes to...
Magic Power: 9. Being able to punch a dwarven warsuit across a courtyard with a single blow packs some serious power.
Defense: 4, since she focuses on evasion rather than blocking. 9 if it's fire since she's just about immune to everything short of holy fire or Phoenix Fire.
Hitpoints: 3. Low health, but incredibly short recovery time for almost anything that's not a fatal blow.
Health Regen: 10 - See above.
Speed: Also 10. This is a person who daily went toe-to-toe with things like Demons, Dragons, and Phoenixes, and outran them.
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Dark Fire Lieutenant - Combat
Evasiveness: 5 Prefers to take hits laughing as he does to induce terror upon his foes
Accuracy: 3 prefers to be up close an personal using melee reverts to magic if needed
Attack Power: 8 has been known to destroy castles for fun
Magic Power: 6 can breath shadowfire, is decent with blood magic hence the low evasiveness
Defense: 10 he is extremely protected both to being undead and Fears Enchantments
Hitpoints: 5 pretty average human life points nothin to boast
Health Regen: 9 recovers almost instantly due to help from necromancy and blood magic
Speed:7 trains wearing stone and full armour plus wieghted cloth to train at all times made him faster then average humans

Dark Fire Lieutenant-Non-Combat
Charisma:1 not very charismatic

Wisdom:3 not wise of yet as he has only a 6 years olds mind having been revived

Knowledge:3 not very smart has abhorent knowledge of undead and life with Death

Resourcefulness:5 Averagely resourceful knows what element clash and connect, can survive on own for years and has done so for the past 5 years

Trustworthiness:9 he is extremely loyal to what ever cause he joins or is recruited into its a fault for even if for a bad group he will never betray nor try to destroy its lead to many beings going after him for being recruited into pirate gangs and militias

Stealth:4 as of right now not very stealthy his mind does not comprehend the need for it unless told by someone else beforehand

Perception:2 does not usually watch what is going on but involves himself with any and every goings on that he does see

Friendliness:9 is extremely friendly towards all he meets tends not to understand social "ques" but tries his best to make friends his recent...undeadyness has made that hard and puts people off

Intuition:1 has almost no forwarning of any kind (noncombat related)
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