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Dark Fire Lieutenant - Combat
Evasiveness: 5 Prefers to take hits laughing as he does to induce terror upon his foes
Accuracy: 3 prefers to be up close an personal using melee reverts to magic if needed
Attack Power: 8 has been known to destroy castles for fun
Magic Power: 6 can breath shadowfire, is decent with blood magic hence the low evasiveness
Defense: 10 he is extremely protected both to being undead and Fears Enchantments
Hitpoints: 5 pretty average human life points nothin to boast
Health Regen: 9 recovers almost instantly due to help from necromancy and blood magic
Speed:7 trains wearing stone and full armour plus wieghted cloth to train at all times made him faster then average humans

Dark Fire Lieutenant-Non-Combat
Charisma:1 not very charismatic

Wisdom:3 not wise of yet as he has only a 6 years olds mind having been revived

Knowledge:3 not very smart has abhorent knowledge of undead and life with Death

Resourcefulness:5 Averagely resourceful knows what element clash and connect, can survive on own for years and has done so for the past 5 years

Trustworthiness:9 he is extremely loyal to what ever cause he joins or is recruited into its a fault for even if for a bad group he will never betray nor try to destroy its lead to many beings going after him for being recruited into pirate gangs and militias

Stealth:4 as of right now not very stealthy his mind does not comprehend the need for it unless told by someone else beforehand

Perception:2 does not usually watch what is going on but involves himself with any and every goings on that he does see

Friendliness:9 is extremely friendly towards all he meets tends not to understand social "ques" but tries his best to make friends his recent...undeadyness has made that hard and puts people off

Intuition:1 has almost no forwarning of any kind (noncombat related)
Dark Lieutenant/Highest Ranking officer in Death's Army/Also known as /Solar Darkness, DeathLLusion Demented God/Youtuber/Clan Dark Fire/Goth/Russian/Leader of the Death Blades/Dark Runners.

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