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Neon Knights

Neon Knights

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Mishra - Combat
Evasiveness: Rotting flesh kept together by tight robes does not scream agile. (2)
Accuracy: Luckily he kept his eyes when becoming a lich. (5)
Attack Power: Staffs are not very good at stabbing, he can still do a decent bonk though. (4)
Magic Power: He has always seeked knowledge in both life and unlife. (10)
Defense: Robes are not very good for defense. (3)
Hitpoints: It's hard to kill what is already dead. (10)
Health Regen: Being alive for a looooooooong time is good for the heart. (8)
Speed: He can be pretty quick. Sometimes. (3 to 6. Depends if he has not been hit or injured.

Achilleus - Combat
Evasiveness: Armor too big for a wee kid. (4)
Accuracy: He has good eyesight, unlike his father figure Vick. (8)
Attack Power: That kid is way too strong for his age. (8)
Magic Power: He knows almost no magic. (2)
Defense: He can take a hit. (7)
Hitpoints: Young age is good for the blood flow. (7)
Health Regen: He has been through Infernus and back. (7)
Speed: Nope. (2)

(Insert name here) - Combat
Attack Power:
Magic Power:
Health Regen:
Achilleus the Void Knight

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