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Dawn - Combat
Evasiveness: 10. Good luck hitting somebody who can turn into smoke at will.
Accuracy: 6 outside of her smoke, 9-10 inside it.
Attack Power: 4 - She's decently strong on her own, but has to augment her striking with magic. Which comes to...
Magic Power: 9. Being able to punch a dwarven warsuit across a courtyard with a single blow packs some serious power.
Defense: 4, since she focuses on evasion rather than blocking. 9 if it's fire since she's just about immune to everything short of holy fire or Phoenix Fire.
Hitpoints: 3. Low health, but incredibly short recovery time for almost anything that's not a fatal blow.
Health Regen: 10 - See above.
Speed: Also 10. This is a person who daily went toe-to-toe with things like Demons, Dragons, and Phoenixes, and outran them.
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