How the Asgarnia Hub Will Work

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Until Aro posts our new thread detailimg the hub, here's a run-down of how the new hub will be functioning.


- NPCs will be given power over respective areas. Saradomin in Falador, Anlaf in Burthorpe, Armadyl at his tower.

- Subclans and hosted clans, such as the Temple Knights, White Knights, Kinshra, and Legacy of War can choose whether they are switching to NPCs (if applicable) though the main leadership will be NPC led, and reserved for hub-plot use as their characters fit.


- Nobility can swear their aid to a city or faction, whether it be the Kinshra, Falador, Burthorpe, or Sarim. The highest rank of nobility played will be Dukes and Duchesses.

- Nobility can feud and war with eachother as their factions do. Nobles such as the Greys of Varisia, and Renderra of the Soulwood will start off with reputation and power due to stepping down from leadership roles as Royals / Regnal Prince(ess)s

- Landscaled Nobility will be common. We're going to sit down and figure out how many Duchies maximum there will be.


- Each of our four regions has some religious preference. Religious envoys will have significant power, as much politically as Nobles. Most of these will be more plot oriented characters

War and Battle:

War with outside clans is difficult. As each factional region has a God, or Godly faction, a force attacking from outside the Hub is most likely going to be walled. This is the main reason we had to switch to a Hub, over a POK. The very presence of the Gods overcomplicates POK politics for us.

That said, internally, Nobles and Gods alike will feud. And Gangs. Gang and turf wars will be vital to control of the Asgarnian crime world, happening under the Leadership's noses.


14-Jan-2017 20:29:43

Lady Ria

Lady Ria

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Oh boy. Time to get this out of the way right now.

As a hub, Asgarnia is abolishing any formal sort of blacklist. It isn't our land, it's Jagex's. We just run plots and crap. HOWEVER. If someone running a plot has serious issue based on harrassment, either ingame, on skype, or in real life? They have the right to exclude that person.


ANYONE. You, me, or Joe Schmoe can run a plot. We won't stop you! If you want your plot advertised, speak to the Discord chat mods, and we'll pop an advertisement in somewhere.

All we ask is that you are courteous and reasonable. Try and pick times that don't conflict with other events, and keep your plots contained enough that they wouldn't trigger some huge intervention from the Gods, without checking with some people first.

As of right now, I know Delemis has a civil war plot in his duchy, I have Ashen Storm being based in Asgarnia to an extent soon, Aro has some heists coming up, and you can naturally expect some clashes between the friendly Neighborhood Kinshra and White Knights.

The Chat:

We have a Skype and a Discord. The Discord is larger and more active. If you want to join it, I'm passing around a link soon enough.

The Chat is a privilege. Please respect the rules in place and you may continue to use it.

If you don't, you will be temporarily muted, or banned from the chat. It sucks, but the chat isn't required to be a part of the Hub. Please remain respectful of other people's religious, social, and political views. (But memes are fine. Just no nudes.)

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Lord Pyro I said:
What happens to asgarnian rpers who are against this idea?

All the ones who actively rp in Asgarnia are excited for more God Wars plots, less OOC politics, and far more plots. People seem to understand that while this is trying something new, unless you had a hand in running the clan's government, it doesn't really effect anything.

Thalia's plots and monster hunts still exist as a Duchess under Anlaf. Queen Jane can do more with her combat skills. The concept of a plot involving a Mahjarrat Aro has planned, is now more feasible with the power cap raised up a notch.

By doing this, we're removing the hassle of negotiating and tip-toeing with our noble characters around gods to provide RP. We're embracing it, and moving forward, rather than clinging where we are.

15-Jan-2017 02:10:14

Lady Ria

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RobertBurns said:
How many people actually want this? 10, 20?

Of the 21 active people in Asgarnia's Discord, who attend events regularly...

15 have outright supported this. Either ingame, on the forums, on Skype, or on the Discord. Some who even oppose dissolving their own PoKs, support this. Due to the OOC reason of "We can't do any traditionally POK stuff with Gods hovering over us."

Many more of TWK have supported this. Temple Knight players have pmed me out of the blue asking if this is true, and ecstatically saying they've wanted this forever.

Overall, I'd say we have at least 25 people in support of this, and these 25 are those who actively participate in and roleplay within Asgarnia, turning up to events, plots, and casual roleplay. Even initiating some of their own outside of the clan.

That's not counting those who aren't active Asgarnians and support it.

(Honestly, as much as I appreciate the support, we aren't as concerned about tallying people who haven't been roleplaying with us. Though don't mistake my clan-centric number crunches for apathy. We do appreciate it. <3)

Of those who actively, truly care for Asgarnia with a passion? Yeah, we have a little over 20.

And that's what matters to us. That the people who want this, are a supermajority of the people of Asgarnia.

15-Jan-2017 02:47:20

Lady Ria

Lady Ria

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Rexost said:
But what happens if Jagex removes Saradomin and Birdboy after Sliske's Endgame is old news? My vote for God Emperor goes to the Hairdresser. Any man who can still keep his business after being made completely pointless must know how to run a tight ship.

Jagex has stated Big Bird and Sardineman are to stay. All other gods had some way to talk to them outside of quests, except these two. So it was given to them.

heretic hary said:
Damn, you know I had an opinion against POK abolishment but knew a case for it, but I like this idea.

Also, who's Anlaf?

Anlaf is, in canon, leader of Burthorpe. He's the son of King Vallence of Asgarnia. He prefers to remain physically hidden and watched over by trusted guards, due to the fact the Kinshra once had a witch use chaos magic on him during the Siege of 164.

Also, thank you Sae!

15-Jan-2017 18:20:14

Lady Ria

Lady Ria

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Nasty Smell said:
Don't forget Zamorak, I think he's still in the Black Knight's fortress.

I'm not sure if he leaves again after Sliske's Endgame. He might not. When I finish I can confirm for myself.

Though, Jagex already gave him the Daemonheim Floor 61 spot to talk with, so they may take him away from the Fortress later on. I don't know.

16-Jan-2017 01:27:45

Lady Ria

Lady Ria

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Giving this a little love-bump. Especially since we know more about post-Endgame.

All three gods remain present, plus Vorago as a fourth tough-dude with a hat in the ring.

We've not done any plots involving leadership, as we've not needed to.

And, to restate, since some have brought this up in the months in between, attempting to war the Hub is... Not really feasible. It'd be an open war against Gods heavily against a POK's favour. To say anything otherwise, would be implying your non-canon RP character is capable of fighting a canonical tier 3 god. Or powerplaying a God into stepping down/away.

This means the Hub can't revert in it's canon.

It does mean if someone wants to set up a POK regardless, they can. Land claims don't exist and you can do what you want tbh I don't think anyone really cares that much.

28-Jul-2017 05:21:41

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