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Island Name/Location/IC Owner(s)/OOC Owner(s)

Tyrio Archipelago / Reclaimed Pest Islands / Renderra Family / Nat (Lia Renderra)

A chain of islands surrounded in coral, these once volcanic islands are made from old coral forced up by tectonic movement, and covered in sand. Today, the inland is mostly fertile farmland, while the outskirts are used for shipping and fishing. This was once the seat of House Renderra, before the family broke into branches.

Aethyrmont / South of Ashdale / Driez Renderra / Nat (Lia Renderra)

A single island city, built by an eccentric but powerful mage on top of an old set of keys, made by coral shifted by tectonic movement and covered in sand. A grand city, though small, the island has trade, and due to the prominence of it's new Renderra owners, a small college for study of non-magical arts. It is a religious hotbed for the Aethyric Druidic faith, holding the one large altar within its citadel.

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