† The Forinth*y Crusade †

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*Feldmars*hall Ajax Amaranth took what soldiers were loyal to him, and all the equipment, money, clothes and pretty much everything else that wasn't bolted down that could be used for war, and began the long march North, to Daemonheim. When they reached the eastern inlet of water that marked the end of Forinthry proper and the beginning of the Daemonheim waters, they set sail in ships that had been provided to them by Ajax's Asgarnian connections.* author of 3 fake books and 1 real book <_>

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*Several Forinthry warships sat in the bay, having been sent to secure the area in preparation of the grand construction project planned by King Bane before the war interrupted those plans. The ships remained, no match for a full armada but now that Ajax's resources were more limited it would be a difficult battle for the invasion force to reach Deamonheim's univiting shores.* "The greatest endeavors are achieved because of their selfless intent"

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