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-*- The Moirai Syndicate -*-


A Contract. It was perhaps the longest, most extensive document that had ever been presented to me. The unfurled scroll extended from eye level all the way down to the charred, bare soil that we stood upon. Wall of text after wall of ornately penned text, paragraph after paragraph of fine print, stipulation after stipulation in each Section. My aging eyes struggled to focus on each word as I attempted to take a good look at just what I was about to sign. A quill appeared before me in midair as my eyes scanned the parchment. As I plucked the quill out of the air and prepared to sign away my life with a stroke of the pen, I recalled my memories of the events that led up to this moment.

I was once a prosperous travelling merchant. I dealt in some of the more exotic goods that were in demand during the late Fifth Age. I travelled the dunes of the Kharadian Desert and the jungles of Karamja in search of the rare herbs, high level rune stones, exotic weaponry, and hard to find potion ingredients that my high-profile clients demanded. Much of my merchandise was not exactly legal. Some was considered outright contraband by the Kingdom of Misthalin, which was where I was based.

I had been exploiting loopholes and skirting around the law for too long. I knew almost every trick in the book to fool custom agents into thinking the leather pouches on my camel were free of irit tar, and that the sack that I carried on my back was free of blood runes. But one day, I screwed up. The Varrockian Guard caught up with me. The small fortune I had built over my career was confiscated by local officials and I spent most of my middle-aged years in prison.
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It’s not easy to find employment when you’re fresh out of jail. For a good six months after regaining my freedom, my search for a new vocation had reached nothing but dead ends. I worked as an assistant manager to a general store for a short time up until very recently, when I was fired soon after my criminal history was unearthed by one of my coworkers.

I was approached by a man who did not appear to be from the area in the Jolly Boar a few days after I lost my previous job. He had asked me why a man of my age was drinking their cheapest ale, and I explained my circumstances to him. Much to my surprise, the stranger told me that he might be able to help me find employment. Of course, I was intrigued and rather desperate, so I decided that I might try and take advantage of this newfound opportunity.

Upon leaving the Jolly Boar, the man pulled a hood over his eyes and instructed me to follow him. I had figured at this point that he may have been involved in a business that was illegal, but this was no deterrent to me. After all, as I knew from my past experiences, the black market is often much more profitable than legal markets. He struck up a conversation as I followed him, in which he explained to me that he was part of an underground Organization that seeked to change the current state of affairs. I was promised handsome financial rewards if I were to help him out, as well as freedom from the oppressive laws that had destroyed my livelihood in the first place.
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I must have been ignoring the scenery as we walked, because we had stopped in an area that had appeared to have withstood the flames of one thousand dragons. This is when he presented me with this Contract. It appeared seemingly out of nowhere, as if by magic, and unfurled itself before me. As my eyes began to examine at the document that levitated before my eyes, the man spoke from behind the veil of the parchment.

“This Contract,” he stipulated in his modulated, Kharidian-accented voice. “Read it in full. Understand it. Digest it. And then sign here.* His tone had an ominous air. It was as if he was warning me about something.

As I read the Contract, it became crystal clear to me exactly what he was warning me about. I was signing my life away to this Organization. I was hesitant at first. Was all of the money I would ever need and all of the vices I would ever have access to worth signing away my life over? There were so many terms and conditions, so many rules and provisions. I would have to push myself to my limits as an individual, work harder than I had ever worked in all of my years, and call into question my own moral code.

But what was the alternative? Spending the rest of my life on the streets, or performing menial labor until I became too old to walk? Getting caught up with law enforcement again because I had to resort to pickpocketing to put food in my mouth? It was not worth it. I remembered a saying my mother had told me as a child as I penned my signature on the Contract. “One’s destiny is determined by only two things: The opportunities one decides to take advantage of, and the opportunities that one fails to take advantage of.”

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¯¯`ˆ- Table of Contents --

- PAGE I -

>> 1-3 :: Introduction
>> 4 :: Table of Contents
>> 5-6 :: A Primer
>> 7 :: IC and OOC Rules
>> 8 :: General Procedures
>> 9-10 :: Goods and Services


>> 1-5 :: The Census File
>> 6 :: Inventory and Coffers
>> 7 :: Areas of Operation, Land Claims, Diplomacy, and Blacklist
>> 8 :: Office of the Outreach Coordinator (Diplomatic and Contact Applications)
>> 9 :: Office of the Operations Administrator (Business Applications)
>> 10 :: News, Events, and Recent Activities


>> 1-2 :: Product Line // Psychotropics, Liquor, Chemicals, and Poisons
>> 3-6 :: Product Line // Production Weapons and Armaments
>> 7-9 :: Product Line // Weapons and Armaments for Mages
>> 10 :: Product Line // Enchantments // Custom Products


>> 1 :: How to Apply
>> 2 :: The Eclipse Contract // Introduction // § I: Mission Statement
>> 3-9 :: The Eclipse Contract // § II: The Nature of this Organization
>> 10 :: The Eclipse Contract // § III: Code of Ethics and Conduct

- PAGE V -

>> 1 :: The Eclipse Contract // § III: Code of Ethics and Conduct (cont**
*******; 2 :: The Eclipse Contract // § IV: My Place in this Organization
>> 3 :: The Eclipse Contract // § V: Loyalty and Authority
>> 4-5 :: The Eclipse Contract // § VI: Conflicts of Interest
>> 6 :: The Eclipse Contract // * VII: The Mark // § VIII: Oath of Secrecy
>> 7-9 :: The Eclipse Contract // § IX: Punishment and Retribution
>> 10 :: The Eclipse Contract // § X: Rights Reserved by Members of this Organization


>> 1 :: The Eclipse Contract // § XI: Initiation Procedure
>> 2 :: The Eclipse Contract // § XII: Agreement and Signature
>> 3 :: Member Application
>> 4-10 :: Reserved
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¯¯`ˆ- A Primer --

Hello and welcome to the official thread of the Moirai Syndicate, one of Gielinor’s most powerful underground organizations! This primer section will answer a few questions you may have about us and what we do.

Who are we?

The Moirai Syndicate is an organized crime group that operates throughout Gielinor. We are driven primarily by our mission, which essentially seeks to liberate the populace from the shackles of traditionalist authoritarianism and spread prosperity among the common citizens of this land. All of our operations and services align with the Mission Statement outlined in our Contract.

What do we do?

Well, we do a lot of things. Sale and distribution of contraband, weapons trafficking, carefully planned heists, tactical operations, the funding of insurgencies, you name it! At the end of the day, however, our primary objective is to deliver wealth and freedom to everyone who works for us.

How does it work?

Our decentralized operational structure dictates the way we do business. Our Organization is comprised of a number of different Cells, which are localized operating units that carry out specific tasks. Each Cell fits into the bigger picture, like how puzzle pieces fit together to form a beautiful image when assembled.

How do I join?

First of all, you have to find us. Worry not! Refer to instructions on the How to Apply page, which precedes the text of the Contract.

What is this Contract I keep hearing about?

It’s nothing more than the magical agreement that secures your membership to this Organization. It’s a hefty read, but it’s very important that you read and understand all of it. Once you sign it, your life becomes bound to this Organization. Consider it carefully, because once you’re in, the only way out is six feet beneath your feet!
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What does membership entail IC’ly?

Membership in this Organization entails a lifelong commitment, a lot of hard work, and a big fat salary. We’re also a very tight-knit group! However, members are allowed to be a part of and participate in other groups. We just stipulate that their obligations to us take precedence over everything else, and that these other groups* interests don’t conflict with ours. Simple as that! Oh yes, and all of our members’ dealings with us are sworn to absolute secrecy.

What does membership entail OOC’ly?

We are clan chat-based. Members are not required to join our clan, but they are encouraged to. It will make being a part of this Organization a lot more convenient. Multiclanning is permitted, in accordance with the rules and Contract of course.

What if I am a potential customer?

If so, then it would our pleasure to do business with you! Please see the Office of the Operations Coordinator on the ninth post of the second page of this thread for relevant information and instructions on how to contact us. Our product line is also listed on the third page of this thread.

What if I have matters to discuss or settle?

In that case, you’re going to want to head over to the Office of the Outreach Coordinator, which is located on the eighth post of the second page of this thread. Here you will be briefed on procedural technicalities and methods of contacting us to discuss these matters.

Where else can I find more good information?

>> In-Game Roleplay Guide and Help
>> Montetary Reference Table
>> Guide to Gielinorian Metals
>> Khaine’s Magic Guide
>> Khaine’s Plate Armor Guide
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¯¯`ˆ- OOC Rules --

These are just general guidelines to follow OOC’ly if you’re a part of this Organization. It’s all just common courtesy.

» Abide by all rules of Runescape in-game and on the forums. It’s not that hard.
* No trolling or spamming on the forums or in-game.
» New roleplayers are welcome to join, but if you’re new to the 42 game you’re going to need some extra training and briefing.
» Don’t be disrespectful or mean towards your fellow roleplayers.
» You are highly encouraged to join the Clan Chat. It will make your life a lot easier.
* Read and understand the darn Contract. F@#king seriously, guys.

¯¯`ˆ- IC Rules --

» No godmodding.
» No metagaming.
» No lorebreak.
» No powerplaying.
» No autohitting or otherwise being rofly.
» No characters that are too OP (the exception to this rule is if you’re willing to nerf them for this clan).
» Having multiple characters in this clan is permitted and encouraged.
» Multiclanning IC’ly is permitted, in accordance with the Conflicts of Interests section of the Contract.
» Abide by the Contract or you is ded.
» No rofling out of the Contract. There are ways to get out of it but powerplaying, godmodding, and otherwise being rofly are not ways to get out of it.
* Treat your peers and superiors in the Syndicate alike with respect!
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¯¯`ˆ- General Procedures --

» This Organization is incredibly decentralized, to the point where most Syndicate members barely know any others from outside of their Cell IC’ly.

» Religious affiliation doesn’t matter to us unless the moral code dictated by one’s religion conflicts with our Mission Statement and our operations.

» All members are to wear black cavalier hats while engaging in Syndicate-related activities, unless stated otherwise.

» Everything begins with the Contract. Once you sign ICly, your character is bound to us for life. No ifs, ands, or buts (but there are
butts!). Make sure you’re using a character that you’re willing to commit that sort of thing!

» We do a lot of landscaling, especially for gathering and manufacturing since these activities mainly take place in the Wilderness IC’ly. Most of our Wilderness RPs are landscaled in Daemonheim, Edgeville, or our Citadel. We try to avoid landscaling if possible.

» We merge OOC skilling with IC resource collecting, that way we can kill two birds with one stone. Members who are designated resource collectors are encouraged to train Woodcutting, Mining, Farming, et cetera while in character and then record how much they have harvested, which is added to our inventory IC’ly. This is also done at our clan citadel.

» We use spreadsheets to keep inventory and assign resource quotas.

» We also roleplay in Daemonheim (without landscaling), using it as a training ground for our operatives.

» Some of our individual Cells may have their own forum threads.

» Because our Organization is so secretive, you really cannot just go out and find us IC’ly. If you run into us when we’re not landscaling, that’s one thing, but otherwise most RPs and meetings have to be arranged with us beforehand. Good luck.
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¯¯`ˆ- Goods and Services --

This Organization deals in a wide variety of different goods and provides a number of different services to those we do business with. What follows are brief descriptions of a few of the things that we do. More to come later!

» Psychotropic and herbs and substances -- We here at the Moirai Syndicate offer you the widest and finest selection of mind and body enhancing herbs and compounds. Everything we sell is derived from nature. Forget your local apothecary and their watered down potions, our products will quite literally blow your mind!

» Chemicals, poisons, and explosives -- Itching to set something on fire, blow something up, or get rid of someone who has been getting on your nerves lately? Well, you have come to the right place! We do all of the manufacturing, and all of our products are shipped to you in secure containers to minimize the risks of handling and transporting unstable compounds.

* High quality and designer weaponry -- You’re not going to find any other weapon manufacturer that sells weapons as cutting edge as ours. All of our armaments are precision engineered and manufactured, and are made of only the highest quality materials. We also offer enchantment services, mage gear, and custom made weapons if you’re looking for something a bit more...well...edgy.

» Karamja rum -- Everyone’s favorite spirit! We run an entire rum operation, and handle all levels of the supply chain. The cane growing, the molasses production, the distillation, and the shipping is done by us, for our loyal customers. Our product is of the highest quality and really packs a punch!

» Coin minting -- Everybody loves money. We at the Moirai Syndicate believe that there is no point to only using official coin when you can mint your own! Our coins are physically indistinguishable from officially minted coin, and are made with non-toxic metals.
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» Grants and lending -- Are you an organization or individual that needs money to carry out goals that align with our own? We might be able to help! Get a hold of us and we can discuss matters.

» Theft and heists -- We find that stealing from the rich is an excellent way to supplement our income that also aligns with our Mission Statement. Our larceny operations range from small petty theft to carefully planned heists.

» Tactical and paramilitary operations -- Threats are dealt with as swiftly and efficiently as possible. We are run like a business, but we must resort to force to protect our interests due to the extralegal nature of our Organization.

» Corruption and undermining of government and law enforcement -- We see the law and its enforcement as the primary threats to our interests. Therefore, we do everything we can to undermine its power when it interferes with our operations. However, we are willing to negotiate agreements with authorities so long as they preserve our ability to do business or benefit us in some way.

» Recruitment activities -- We are always seeking new recruits! We conduct recruitment activities both in-character and on the forums through this thread. See How to Apply for more information.

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