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Just a hypothetical that I thought would be fun. I'll go over the basic premise of what has changed in Gielinor 2 which most of you are probably familiar enough with from dimensions of disaster and now the Halloween event. If I've missed anything about the dimension let me know so I can add or correct it.

Gielinor 2
*Dorgesh-Kaan is in ruins. It is not specified how this happened. ( I assume H.A.M succeeded)
*Varrock has fallen to Zemourgal
*Taverthorpe has fallen to the Trolls
*Northern Asgarnia has fallen to goblins
*The Ice Mountain Dwarves are the last source of resistance in Asgarnia
*Falador has fallen to the Kinshra
*Zombies from Varrock have taken control of the area between Varrock and the Freezone in Asgarnia
*Guthix is asleep

The basics of the dimension for those not aware, outside of those specifics ingame, is that the Adventurer was never born. As a result, the majority of the antagonism that we see in Runescapes quests are successful.

All that being said, What's changed about your character in that alternate universe. Killed by the unfolding events? Radically different path? Largely the same? Never Born?

I'll post a few more of mine later tonight but wanted to know what your thoughts were on your own characters alternate fates. Obviously not everyone will imagine RP events unfolding in this alternate universe the same as they have in our rs universe but assuming some events happened as they did in our RP history with those changes necessary for the reality of the new universe

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Magus Concendo
Magus Concendo on Gielinor 2 died in his 70's. He was killed leading Coalition Forces in a liberation of Southern Asgarnia. In our Gielinor they were able to avoid coastal defenses by invading through Keldagrim and taking a train to Dorgesh-Kaan. With the connection never built Coalition forces were forced to launch a naval invasion of the Lumbridge Swamps. It was unsuccessful with the leadership and most forces being routed. Further attempts at liberation were not attempted following the failure to secure a foothold in Misthalin.

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Star would have recently died during Nomad's attack on the underworld. Having not been interrupted, Nomad would have kept on amassing power from the Soul Obelisk, resulting in the eventual attack on the underworld to create Gielinor to protect the world from Zemourgal's forces. Star would have volunteered to help, alongside the Order of Ascension. Unfortunately, neither Death nor Ictharin could let this stand. Amassing the power of the dead White and Void Knights, the two demigods would lead a charge on Icthlarin's Bastion. Star would battle Death alongside Nomad and Gielinor, and die by their side.

Amanda would never have become a pyromancer, and instead, would opt to keep living in the Tree Gnome Village with her sister. She would never have joined the Heroes Guild, nor begun to date Amber.

The Echo
The day Zemmourgal attacked Varrock, the Echo would have assisted in the defense. After the inevitable loss, it would flee to Morytania, where it would amass power, and forces with help from the vampyres. It would then return to Misthalin, and put up an amazing struggle against the Mahjarrat's forces, but eventually would be captured, and then placed into La Fosse, where it would remain.

Aazzaharos would fake his own death, like in the main universe during Zamorak's uprising. He would then proceed to the Wushanko, where he would take his island. He would not return to the mainland with all the chaos going on.

Pinky and Brain
Pinky would never have been spawned, as Brain was never trapped. Brain would continue living under the Autocrat until his defeat at the hands of Zamorak's uprising.

X and the Spirituals
X and the spirituals would initially proceed as normal, however, eventually, X would be be killed after the most epic of battles during Zemourgal's takeover of Misthalin likely involving several of the other Mahjarrat and an army. The Spirituals would remain Revenants, as such.
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Sir Logan Stasov

Sir Stasov was killed in action while serving alongside an underground movement of Faladian resistance fighters against the Kinshra rule. During a rescue attempt of captive allied resistance members in a secured building of the former White Castle, Sir Stasov was valiantly struck down by an opposing group of Kinshra as he ensured the cover and escape of his comrades. His actions were in the finest traditions of the Temple Knights and will not be forgotten.
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Damion Solsinn
Damion Solsinn never went insane, nor join the Sicarius, only to later free himself from them and rebuild his life as a Misthalin noble. Instead he was slain in Zemouregal's attack, only to be raised as a soulless undead to roam the streets of Varrock and help to destroy his former home, unable to find peace in the afterlife.

Nicholas Elendion
With Asgarnia and Misthalin in ruin, infested with undead and Varrock ruled by Zemouregal, Nic never felt the yearning to visit these lands and learn of them. He would never become a teacher of the Wizard's Tower. He would never have met Ace Tyrelen, and the two would never have became friends. Instead, Nic would have stayed within Kandarin until his family arrived to bring him back home. Nic would never return to Gielinor after that, and would remain with his family until the end of days, where he perished along with the rest in the event known to his people as the "Fall."

Zhaldyr would never have garnered a brief interest in Gielinor, and remained on Infernus as a Duke under Hostilius the Autocrat during the Chthonian rule. When the Avernic Rebellion came after Zamorak slew Loarnab the Dark Imperator, Zhaldyr was slain and defeated by god of chaos and his former slaves who rallied with him. The Arachnûl were never created, and Gielinor was free of their blight upon the world.
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Malcolm MacFirthane
Malcolm would have died fighting alongside the white knights in an early battle with the Kinshra. He would have been beheaded and his head toured around Asgarnia before it and his body were put on display in Falador. His son would fight on with the dwarves for Asgarnia's freedom, he would die in a fateful Highland Charge. His son would then fight on as would his son and his son until the hero freed Gielinor.

Fiona MacFirthane
Would have a somewhat different story. She would be in hiding and would be making the wilds rebel as best they could through her ability to speak with animals. After her brother's death she would lose her unbreakable spirit and live in some secluded forest somewhere.

Lord Henry Warcastle
Died in a noble cavalry charge in the Vanguard during one of the initial battles for Misthalin. He would be Zombified and fight then as a Zombie knight.

Sir Richard Thomas
Would have died in the thick of the fighting in Camelot. He would lie in a burial hill somewhere around there. His burial spot would likely be sacred ground where Trollweiss would mysteriously blossom until defiled a witch or some antagonist who succeeded defiled his tomb. At such a point he would become a wight knight, the area around his tomb becoming foggy and the flowers would turn black or die. He would continue to haunt his tomb hill even long after the saving of Gielinor by the hero.
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The Renderra

Grouping this together, since one affects the other.

With their island home being their main living place before the Sixth Age, the Renderra suddenly found out about Varrock and Falador's fall. Natalie passed her sword to Driez, going to fight to hold them from Southern Asgarnia, before being captured and enslaved by the Skulls. She eventually died captive, due to her eventual cancer.

Driez took the job of leading the resistance of his home. Still immune to undead attack, their main threat is the uncontrolled Crassian population. Driez lost his eye fighting Crassians, and today is paralyzed from the waist down. Zarin is still alive, and kicking. He personally fights the Crassians, but all the islands are straining to survive. Ekaterina and Thalia are born, with Ekaterina trying to gather divine energy to strengthen Zarin.

Paidi was never born, as her progenitor never had the chance to spawn her.

The Marcato
After providing soldiers in mass for the Kinshra, the Marcato were gifted a position of respect in the new Falador. Their family never reached their decline and now extinction.

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The lich's initial story would remain as is. After Zemourgal's hostile takeover, Ryth would be accidentally awoken by the necromancer's scouts. He would then forge an alliance with the existing Zamorakian forces, and supply a stead amount of front-line soldiers in the Kinshra-White Knight war. He would personally assist in the battle of Falador, and be granted some of the highest honors for his dedication. He would be given Rimmington as a reward for his service, where he would create a new castle for himself, and eventually, fulfilling a small portion of his dream of being the ruler of the world, but everyone must begin somewhere.

As a result of many, many, many, many events being different, including her parents never being kidnapped by the Skulls, she was never born.

She never fell through the rift to our plane, and is living happily with her family.
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Atrum Erus/Cortanis Dartmoor:

As Zamorakian forces would be far superior in the alternate Gielinor, Atrum would have shed his old identity far sooner and turncloaked on the defending Asgarnian forces, rather than staying undercover, betraying them in favor of his old compatriots. Under his new identity, Dartmoor would prove instrumental to the Kinshra regime, quickly proving himself an able commander and an excellent diplomat. Dartmoor likely would have been one of the key personnel assigned to creating the terms of alliance with New Varrock, coordinating joint Zamorakian efforts. In addition, he would be responsible for the tentative peace with the rest of the free world. In summation, he, along with Khalian Malleus, Colonel Delrith, William Skeat, and Samael Armons, would be one of Daquarius' top lieutenants.


The Zamorakian sorcerer's meteoric rise to power would be considerably stunted in the alternate Gielinor. With the Edicts still in effect, the Battle of Lumbridge would never have happened, and thus, Ahriman would never have answered the call of Lord Zarakoth the Ravager. Still powerful in his own right, however, Ahriman established himself within the court of Zemouregal, and became a useful instrument in enforcing the Mahjarrat's influence over Misthalin. He would eventually end up as a High Inquisitor, one of the most trusted mortal individuals in the regime, tasked with rooting out dissidents and heretics. Ahriman's magic would have some subtle differences as well, taking its derivations from Zemouregal's brand of magic rather than an infernal pact with Zarakoth.

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The Traveller:

The Traveller would not differ much from his counterpart, only slipping into forms that did not cause too much trouble. That being said, there have been sightings of a hooded entity mumbling things such as how 'this Gielinor isn't as exciting' and concerns about paradoxes meeting 'my other self.' Eyewitnesses do not know what to make of this spectacle, and those who are discovered are 'invited' by the Inquisition for 'questioning.' They are usually not seen again.

The Marut:

The Marut of the alternate Gielinor, also designated as 'INEVITABLE CONSTRUCT, MARUT SERIES, PRODUCT-1984-1997-0200', would meet a different fate from its cousin's on the regular Gielinor. This Marut would be notified almost immediately of the scourge in New Varrock, a gross violation of the sacred law of death that it keeps. In an utterly brazen display, the Marut openly challenged Zemouregal, declaring that it would bring the gavel of justice down upon the Mahjarrat's head. Unfortunately for the Marut, its loss was swift and decisive. Too damaged to remain online, the Marut and its remains were discarded outside the city of New Varrock, considered as mere refuse. However, the Marut was plundered by a dwarven taskforce, and its systems proved salvagable. Redesigned and reprogrammed, the Marut now serves as one of the dwarves' protectors in the Asgarnian Resistance, assisting its new masters in combating Zamorakian tyranny.

(more cont.)
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