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User Name: DeathLLusion
Character name: Dark Fire Lieutenant
Character's age: 19(but mind of a 6 year old so tends to act and think he is a child)
What was your crime that will catch our attention: *he has eaten 13 civilians 4 gaurds and 2 players also destroyed most of varrock square in a fight
History/Bio: is a known supremacy mage, family owns draynor lives in draynor manor
Proffered weapon of choice: Shield sentient hand flail and mace or bone dagger/axe
look of character: scarecrow
Why do you want to join us: could use allies is tired of being chased from every kingdom
what made you think of us: liked the name/while fighting tends to hurt himself could use teammates to help him
When was your last crime: 2 days ago he helped a supremacy mage fight the coilition and destroyed most of varrock square and ate 7 civilians and 10 guards that wwere taken down by a blood reaver
Dark Lieutenant/Highest Ranking officer in Death's Army/Also known as /Solar Darkness, DeathLLusion Demented God/Youtuber/Clan Dark Fire/Goth/Russian/Leader of the Death Blades/Dark Runners.

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