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Username(s): Vekon

Character Name: Baxtorian Cadarn

Age: A lot

Race: Elf

Religion: Seren

Physical Description:

Personality: my wife died

Strengths: Master of Elven mystic arts, control over many elements, vast understanding of nature. Also pretty good with a bow tbh

Flaws: my wife died

Backstory: I led my clan until Seren exploded, and then led my people as King. Eventually I expanded my elven reach onto the region known as Kandarin. I made friends with those short lads on terrorbirds. tl;dr my kingdom was prosperous for almost two millennia. Then I realized that the Iowerth queers had cucked me. I wasn't stronk enough to fight them back, and then they decimated my settlements in Kandarin. Then they stole my wife. Unlucky. I decided to craft a monument in her honour, and petrify myself next to it under my waterfall. Some time had passed and my Cadarn successor dispelled my stone state along with some strange adventurer person. Now I spend my days standing a few meters away from Seren.

Anything else you'd like us to know?:
What care I for this mortal coil,
Where treasures are yet so frail,
For it is you that is my life blood,
The wine to my Holy Grail.
And if I see the judgement day,
Where the gods fill the air with dust,
I'll happily choke on your memory,
As my kingdom turns to rust.

Though all my love is turned to ash,
And my dreams are all but gone,
My actions must not be too brash,
For you may yet live on.
So my grief and pain for now is sealed.
Beneath the waters that we used to love,
Until new hope is at last revealed,
And you return from the world above.

Axel Vekon, the Eternal Emperor, the Archmage, the Lichslayer, of the Holy Kandarin Empire.


05-Oct-2016 22:42:37

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