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After a brief conversation with the leader of Karamja, Sharadi Amara, Vizier of Trade in Kharidia, reported back to the Caliph about her meeting with those in Karamja and their desire for all restrictions in slavery to be lifted in Kharidia. Offended, the Caliph mobilized five thousand troops from Nardah and Pollnivneach, each, and ten thousand from Sophanem and Al Kharid to board ships in Al Kharid, their destination; Karamja. "The Truth about Bob Ross; he's immortal. Even when he's dead he has a LIVE stream."

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Am RolePlay

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In honor of Saturdae it has been revealed to the masses that the Caliph of Al Kharid, his Holiness Tumuh Dae, and the King of Camelot, Tommen Calderon, are the same: Tumeh Dae.

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The Caliphate military, unused to fighting in jungles, is importing sixteen thousand gallons of sand to spread over the Island as they advance to keep the battles on familiar terrain. The project is expected to completely bankrupt the treasury, but the Caliph is reported in saying 'no price is too small', just a few moments before his rings were unceremoniously plucked off to help finance the invasion. Ejaz Ma'mun, the head diplomat of the Caliphate, had this to say between spitting out teeth from his bloodied mouth: 'I thfink thish is a gresht idae'. His government appointed translator nodded in agreement while wiping off his knuckles.


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Bruce Willis
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However, these 16,000 gallons did not account for the water surrounding Karamja. Top Kharidian commanders, concerned this unfamiliar element would throw off the troops (despite the usage of ships), decided instead to form a bucket chain to move the entire Kharidian landmass next to Karamja for easier access. Of course, with their relatively low manpower, they were forced to enlist the help of Karamjan and Kharidian slaves, all of home were promised their own bucket in which they would be free to use privately, as opposed to the shared buckets currently in use. This, of course, was an empty promise; those buckets are needed for the bucket fortresses planned for the invasion of Karamja's volcano. It is said the greatest defense against the hot temperatures and molten magma are wooden buckets.

This move is expected to be completed within the next 2000 years. Karamja is advised to surrender now to save themselves from certain defeat.
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I don't like sand.

It's course, and rough, and irritating.

And it gets everywhere.
The spear only brushed my earlobe.

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