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Lady Ria

Lady Ria

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Since I'm now being dragged into this by name,

I should do my part to clarify my opinion on this Kandarin mess.

I acknowledge the Aerendyl in Ardougne, and the Vekon in Yanille.

I never acknowledged Xivan taking Yanille through a blacklist. Xivan is a friend. But he understood I wasn't comfortable with that, when there was no battle. As I recall, the blacklist started because a Kandarin man took a job as a constable of the guard, and tried to open the city to Vekon forces. Vekon acknowledged it. Nobody else did. That's what I was told, whether it is true or not I don't care or have evidence to support, besides trust in a friend telling the truth.

The taking of the city by the Aerendyl couldn't have logically spread to Yanille as fast. The Vekon logically, have a place there as a hold-out. Especially as no battle was attempted to be waged there. There was no war in progress for Yanille at the end of the day.

Dan declined a war with the Vekon, because of Xivan's blacklist, because of a certain Vekon-aligned Kandarin player rofl-opening the gates.

I have, in my limited advice to Sharne, advised we leave things as they were before the blacklist. That the Vekon are in Yanille, the Aerendyl in Ardougne.

Nothing has stopped the Vekon from going and trying to treat, or work out some trade deal or whatever with Asgarnia. They chose not to. By taking Ardougne, me saying "I acknowledge Dandarin" was warped twice. Once to try and claim I acknowledged all of it, from Ardougne to Yanille, and again to say my opinion as an independent roleplayer, represents a clan I no longer lead.

So whoever is claiming I have any belief otherwise, get your damned facts straight, and don't get me dragged into things I explicitly shared to Steve, is none of my business.

I like plots. I like making sure the sub clans and hosted clans in Asgarnia interact a bit. That's my job. Not this lolitics.

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Lady Ria

Lady Ria

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Vekon said:

Like I said, I don't care enough to follow the Kandarin issues. As long as both parties are aware that I seriously haven't cared enough to make the actual dispute my business, we're fine.

If it's wrong of me to recognize both Kandarins, somehow, to include opportunity for both to RP? Well, that seems to go against the whole idea of repairing a community, doesn't it?

But maybe that's exactly what certain rumour-mongers want people to think, to further build a "with-us or against-us" mentality. Though I hardly think that repairs a community.

This is a problem between Dan and Gale to work out. Not the community. Community intervention will boil down to a vote, either a formal one counting tallies, or an informal one with people throwing weighty opinions on a thread, typing to try and drown out opposition. Some side is going to leave unhappy, groan, moan, and stew on it angrily for the next few months. They'll harbour bitter resentment, that will spread to friends and friend groups (again), until the community is ripping itself apart (again). Just like every other community (dividing) vote. It won't solve the core issue of division and lack of working together, it just puts it on the backburner to boil up later.

That's my view, that it's not my problem, so I don't have a right to a view. Until people start trying to make it my problem.

So to those people, I say you're making it worse, by dragging uninvolved parties in to try and "fix" a problem we have no part in. It's like trying to put out a magnesium fire with more water. It doesn't work that way.

And until both parties figure this out? Sticking with a two-state solution. Works for the sake of roleplays I do, which often don't involve either party.

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