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([ From the Office of the Chancellor of Tirannwn])

Your Majesty,

It is good to hear that you have been fortuitous with your military endeavors, now that you have adapted to the crystal armaments we exported. Despite their wretched use in our civil war, they should sustain their current structure until the upcoming summer, as long as they are not abused.

For now, trusted allies observe their use. I will be the judge if your men are properly respecting them, and if so, I may be willing to offer the boon of singing services to them for the entire duration of your, hopefully long, reign as King.

I also appreciate your enthusiasm in establishing a elven camp. However, it would be difficult. You make note of how our crystal contains a tiny fraction of Serens essence: this is not just to enhance the physical properties of crystal. It is to sustain ourselves. The elven race is dependent on being in contact with Her essence, for our mental and physical wellbeing. Tirannwn has been seeded with her essence though the very earth over thousands of years. But, this does not extend beyond the Galarpos Mountains, since the fall of the Eastern Kingdom back in the Fourth Age.

In short, an extended leave would make any elf wither away unto a horrific death.

However, I note that outside the western wall of Falador, there was a glorious Crystal Tree! Such marvels are exceedingly rare, and do contain Her essence. If a permanent elven population was to be established in your lands, then somewhere near this tree would be the only location. There was a small house just north of it that would make a nice embassy.

On a final note. I appreciate the gift of the runite bar, but I must digress that I have no intention on commissioning a new walking cane. The one I already possess has a long history, and I am reluctant to part with it. I thank you either way.

Cynfor Elis
Chancellor of Tirannwn"
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A letter would arrive for His Majesty...

Your Majesty,

My name is Nicolas de Vauman. Upto the moment I write now, I was a initiate in the Silver Temple. But now as this ink dries onto parchment, I am now branded as both coward and traitor by the callous knights who raised me from the dirt and trained me, for showing compassion and mercy to those who had walked a unrighteous path unwillingly.

You might have limited knowledge about the Silver Temple. They remained purposely secluded since the formation of modern Asgarnia itself, when the extremis of the Ordo Templi Saradomin split away to become independent of the states political influence. Those who remained became your Temple Knights.

But they cannot be considered warriors of the faith anymore. Without any figurehead to restrain the temple, a series of religious zealots have command the temple into constant crusades against any small population who did not adhere absolutely to the Book of Order. To them, the smallest infraction often begets public execution.

No more.

I may have been trained to kill the enemies of Saradomin with precision and guile, but that does not make me compliant in the butchery they expect me to perform in a senseless campaign,to those with already peaceful convictions. Such violence just begets further violence, and is no path to the peace and order that our Lord desires.

I, therefore, formerly renounced the oath I took for the Silver Temple and have abjured their influence forever. Now, I beg for you to grant me asylum in the Kingdom of Asgarnia, and an opportunity to serve under you in the more clandestine motions of statecraft.

I expect to be arriving within your domain by the time this letter arrives to you in Falador. I can only hope now that you will accept my plea.

Yours Faithfully,

Nicolas de Vauman.

Void / Nicolas de Vauman / 25 / Human / Saradominist / Intelligencer
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