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Ashtorette said:
I'm sorry, madame. You escaped me so suddenly, that day, after reading that list of demands from the people. I wish you could know how sincere I was in providing audience; I ignored a King, I am told, I was so engrossed. But now, you leave me no choice. I had thought that the answers I gave would quell any fear, any doubt in your heart. Now, you cannot even hear me. Now, I can only assume your eyes are blinded by hate, and perhaps you are not unjustified in your anger. But I am not the source of your sorrow.

I had hoped to bring you joy...

In light of the violence in Rimmington, I would implore any and all dissidents of the current regime to consider the weakened state of Asgarnia before further gnawing at the foundations of an already fractured kingdom hoping to repel their foes. Such plans, rather than liberating, will only serve to further entrench your people in slavery and serfdom. While the nation resettles, we require cooperation to reroute assets to the proper hands with as little bloodshed as possible. Asgarnia belongs to Her people. Her taxes, Her resources, and most certainly Her people, shall no longer serve the continued conquest and exploits of a foreign lord. To all who would remain loyal to Asgarnia, I beseech you, do not consider what you may do to harm your enemy; Rather what you may do to help your kinsmen.

Simply put, a house divided cannot stand. Know, any who stand against me, stand against Sarim's best interests. As of this moment, I have liquidated every royal asset in the form of precious metals, gems, silks, and other finery. If I could, I would sell this estate. These are not mine. They are yours. And I will not see these gifts put to work for such things as sedition against the realm, in this, Her time of need.


Blimey!! the economy crashed quicker than North Korea's!!

Walking out, Whatever I've built, I'm gonna burn it down.

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03-Dec-2018 20:07:38

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RiDaku said:
Name of Event:
The Future of Asgarnia
Falador Party Room
Wednesday, December 5th, 4pm EST
Much like Ashley Gremoire before this, Jeoffrey is using the Party Room as a stomping grounds for a form of open court. There he'll be welcoming peasant or prince, king or pauper, any and all inside the building to eat, drink, be merry, and ask their kingdom-related questions. He caught wind of some people bringing more large-scale questions regarding Asgarnia to Ashley, as opposed to things centered around Port Sarim, and so he figured it's time. Now, especially, the people will need answers - They will get them.
Any Special Considerations:
No Weaponry Allowed, No Armor Allowed (White Knights are exempt from this specific one), No Outside Food or Drink Allowed. The building will be teleblocked, with guards at the entrance.

I figure it's time Jeoffrey start doing more public things. He's been rather reserved during the threat of the rebellions, plotting out how to handle them and managing the Knight's training with their new arsenal. By now, it's no secret - Asgarnia has obtained a wealth of crystal weaponry for their army.

This is being rescheduled to Friday, December 7th, 6pm! Probably shouldn't have scheduled it in the middle of the day and the middle of the week, apologies for that. See you Friday!
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05-Dec-2018 21:05:31

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Ashley, Jeoffrey, Willow and Aeyla sat down and talked about the kingdom and how things should be done going forwards, while the commonfolk that attended for a free meal left with full bellies and happy faces. Good RP! The True Asgarnia -
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08-Dec-2018 01:54:28

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—(••÷[ From the Office of the Chancellor of Tirannwn]÷••)—

“Your Majesty,

It is good to hear that you have been fortuitous with your military endeavors, now that you have adapted to the crystal armaments we exported. Despite their wretched use in our civil war, they should sustain their current structure until the upcoming summer, as long as they are not abused.

For now, trusted allies observe their use. I will be the judge if your men are properly respecting them, and if so, I may be willing to offer the boon of singing services to them for the entire duration of your, hopefully long, reign as King.

I also appreciate your enthusiasm in establishing a elven camp. However, it would be… difficult. You make note of how our crystal contains a tiny fraction of Seren’s essence: this is not just to enhance the physical properties of crystal. It is to sustain ourselves. The elven race is dependent on being in contact with Her essence, for our mental and physical wellbeing. Tirannwn has been seeded with her essence though the very earth over thousands of years. But, this does not extend beyond the Galarpos Mountains, since the fall of the Eastern Kingdom back in the Fourth Age.

In short, an extended leave would make any elf wither away unto a horrific death.

However, I note that outside the western wall of Falador, there was a glorious Crystal Tree! Such marvels are exceedingly rare, and do contain Her essence. If a permanent elven population was to be established in your lands, then somewhere near this tree would be the only location. There was a small house just north of it that would make a nice embassy.

On a final note. I appreciate the gift of the runite bar, but I must digress that I have no intention on commissioning a new walking cane. The one I already possess has a long history, and I am reluctant to part with it. I thank you either way.

Cynfor Elis
Chancellor of Tirannwn"
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09-Dec-2018 19:13:09

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