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@Serov Ryskal

Please don't post gifs that could upset someone. Especially when they are offensive. I've removed your post with it on and 2 other posts for baiting. If you wish to have fun then make sure it complies with the Forum Rules and not out to cause issues.


I'm sure you guys will make up and keep it nice and friendly. You can do it. ;)
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Your Majesty,

With Sarim's forces limited to trading and fishing vessels, that leaves the White Knights. I believe the main (and most substantial) chapter is unwilling to engage in warfare with forces beyond Asgarnia. Kandarin, while not directly threatening the peace, has led to the decay of infrastructure and the current state of affairs. While it may very well require the White Knights' intervention to secure peace for our citizens, I believe they may be willing to take measures that directly counter the overall power and autonomy of the realm. They are, after all, devoted to a god, and an ideal; Not a nation. If they did play a more prominent role in liberating Asgarnia, I guarantee they would eventually seek to purify the land of anyone not meeting their high, specifically Saradominist standards. Thus, we must turn to alternative means of dealing with the empire.

As you already know, privateering will serve as the backbone of our Navy. As our eastern neighbors are prime targets for piracy, we will simply forgive and harbor their criminal population, taking them into the Asgarnian fold in exchange for their inevitable "services", as well as offering payment for more coordinated efforts, thanks to income from the recent Rum License Act, to serve alongside the few combat-ready vessels we do have...

The letter continues...

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