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Not to mention that he helps bring others into the community,

Into his own, or their own,

Guides and advises them and handles distasteful comments pretty well at most times, like myself.

Oh wait, that was all mentioned already so I suppose its just another fantastic reminder for you, Gersty :)

RiDaku is great and if he didnt keep his eye on the ball than who knows how many people would reeally be doing this, tbh. I know for sure I never would have gotten into PoK's and quite frankly I'll have you all know, excluding Leaders of Kingdoms and such, that you should be worried about my arrival because I plan on enjoying all of this and getting pretty darn involved :) haha

Its fun, man. Im not a heavy roleplayer but I absolutely enjoy the idea of creating origins, stories and historical events, character details, etc! Thats kind of like what writing a book is, actually its exactly that.

Gersty, its you that provide the spice in our lives. Please, don't ever change your lifestyle.... ; )

. . . .. . ;)
As you touch the ancient tablet, you feel your power and energy drain slightly from within you.

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these are my letters, not the most exciting letters, but letters nonetheless.

A letter from Asgarnia all the way to the ancient underground city of Keldagrim.

Dear Valkgrim Ironbreaker,

I have successfully arrived in the Kingdom of Asgarnia late last night. Though I havenít spent much time in the guildhalls - rather just passing through the markets the quality of these manlings blade is something to be desired. I donít think I have much to learn when it comes to forging a mighty blade but, perhaps I can learn something of magical weapons and other oddities that would marvel the others of our clan. Give my respects to father and mother if theyíll listen. Last I spoke to father he would not even look at me - saying I dishonoured the clan by leaving Keldagrim and seeking adventure like one of those ďsurface dwarvesĒ. Iím sure he will come around.

I will send further word when I have found more permanent lodging - hopefully, I wonít go through all of the money I secured by timesí end.

Hailgrim of clan Ironbreaker.

A letter bearing the markings of Francesca Gallowood would arrive addressed to the king

To his royal majesty,

I hope this missive finds you well, as it will become very apparent throughout this letter, I am not Francesca Gallowood. Do not fret my lordship she is fine, in fact she likely knows nothing of this. I seek an audience with your highness to enter his employ as a man of sedition, intrigue, subterfuge, espionage and sabotage. My skills will be of use to carry out the will of your lordship both at home and abroad. You may ask, how did this rapscallion forge the letters of the Duchess of Eastmarch? An excellent question your lordship. One I would be happy to recount to you upon our meeting. Do not write back, I shall present myself to you.

Francesca Gallowood

Malarak Tuzn

below the letter would be the seal of Eastmarch, a supposed safety measure against fraud.
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A missive would arrive at court

To his royal eminence,

Please find this letter and my son, Frederick Sergorin. I am writing this as my last will and testament to put him under your stewardship and for you to make decisions as to his guardianship as needed. He is a bright young lad, though it displeases me to say that he is completely and totally inept in the use of a blade. Rest assured, he is a devout god-fearing Saradomin though he takes his commitment to wisdom too seriously and not the fury of Saradominís might. As a dying manís wish I ask that you make a man out of him - he knows too much of the lessons of peace and not those of war and nobility.

In duty into death,

Karl Sergorin

The stamp of the coat of arms of House Sergorin.
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A dragon, roosting at the peak of the white castle. She'd seen and heard the reports. Most of it was peasant talk.

It swooped down and burned my house to the ground!
It scorched my crops.
It devoured my family!

"Peasants..." Ashley hissed, casting a cruel, hateful stare toward Rimmington. From atop the Maze, her red eyes seemed to peer into the distance, as though she could see the beast's sharp gaze occasionally settle upon the Duchy. "Filt'y beast... es an insult to everyt'ing I 'ave worked toward. A reminder. Make no mistake, Jon: He knows w'at I intend to do. He simply allows it, for now. An' so we mus' play a game of foresight..."

"Surely one man couldn't be so well informed."

"Are you a spy?" she asked, glancing over her shoulder toward him.

"No, Your Grace," her guard replied.

"Ai. Because you 'ave my blood. An' furt'ermore, because you are not Jeoffrey. He would never send a man to do w'at he 'imself enjoys; To joyfully milk fear from t'e udder of 'uman frailty- Ahhgh!" Ashley pounded her fist against the stone battlements of the compound. "He would. He would!!" she growled softly. "Peasants..."

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Hey, so, Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out tomorrow. With that being said, I'm going to be going on a short hiatus from RSRP to play that. 14 years in the making, I've been waiting a long time. Hopefully you can all understand that - It'll be maybe a week. The True Asgarnia -
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Damn straight.
"If they came to hear me beg, they will be disappointed."

"He was indeed my enemy. But, in time, I named him 'Ally'. Even 'Friend'."

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