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To all the acknowledged rulers of Gielinor

The Kingdom of Misthalin is formally inviting you to attend the coronation of King James the Second. Together we can make this a turning point not just in the history of this Kingdom but for the whole we will build together.

Date: 09/03/2019
Time: 9PM Game time
Location: In front of Varrock Palace
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Posting for Lily;

Name of Event
: A contract, forgotten names and memories
: Event to start in Falador, but continuations of the plot will go... All over the place.
: Perhaps be able to start it this coming Sunday at 4PM (EST) (Also might change depending on what happens on Saturday so you know.)
: Consider it a bounty hunting trip. Of very high value and dangerous targets as Nadia continues to learn about her life before her memory wipe. Targets will be difficult to tackle, but the rewards will be quite available to act as payment. Hopefully.
Any Special Considerations
: Nothing in particular.
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While Imperial assets have been seized, it has made it clear to all merchants abroad that any contracts held with the Empire are recognized by the Duchess, with a 5% bonus increase from any shares that would have gone to either the Empire or the new regime. These are primarily agricultural and fishing contracts, with some mining and crafting as well. That said, several unconventional assets from the war have been retained and capitalized upon, with no intention of abandoning, including the ice cave at the southern peninsula, and the grotworm cave.

The Duchess also made a new decree, concerning the goblin populations both local and abroad. The implications of her statement seem to imply a degree of amnesty provided to any bandits, thieves, and the like, as Her Grace has stated:

"It is not merely the goblins who suffer the inhumane act of being relegated to pests and monsters. The trolls, ogres, and many others have been demonized for past actions, and though such complaints may be valid in the eyes of history, I see people in need of kindness and compassion, who for too long have been the target of exploitation by forces beyond their capacity to resist. All crimes forgiven, and sanctuary afforded to all non-human criminals from beyond Sarim's border; Those serving time within shall be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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