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It's not perfect, but it works.

As said before me, it really boils down to communication. That's crucial. That's how you regulate and mediate between any form of RP combat.
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12-Jun-2016 15:21:02

The HellLion
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The HellLion

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There is an alternative using a dice system where one would get a bonus to their roll based on their characters ability, though this in itself is riddled with problems, though it can make it more fun and their wouldn't be arguments of perception. Though people may simply lie about their rolls, so it would always require a neutral observer to die rolls which then makes it even more complicated because let us be honest, true neutrality does not exist within the community at present.

I wouldn't advocate this without stating the problems that lie within it, such as it does revolve heavily around luck, but then again most battles do anyway.

Though the topic does need to be addressed, and I am glad it is being so!

In response to Mawgan's point, the current system can work between to respectful and open Roleplayers, but this seems to be becoming less and less frequent.

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Sodden Hound
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Sodden Hound

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Right so, honestly, I can't see this ever being completely fixed. That said, a system I generally employ is just rolling a D10. If it's for magic and your character is an experienced mage, +1. If they're, say, a Mahjarrat (I know, I know), throw on a +2 or whatever.
Let's say you have two rapier duellists going at it. One of the duellists has extensive experience, is from a family of fencers, and a body type suited for the art of fencing, then give 'em a +2 or 3 on their dice roll.

Something like that.
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12-Jun-2016 15:34:43

Angry Adair

Angry Adair

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Dice rolls are not user friendly in Runescape Roleplay because we no longer have a system or an item to dictate neutral rolls, i remember there being an issue with gambling before, the reason dice rolls work on certain games is because it's a built in system and is easy to access. to use it in Runescape would require an off-site a third party and it would be incredibly clunky just for say a quick fight, not only that keeping track of dice rolls in large battles is another kettle of fish.

The issue is with Runescape just not being that user friendly for us Roleplayers, i really do admire when someone comes along and says hey let's try something new but i really don't think dice rolls or stats are the things for us.

12-Jun-2016 15:45:21

Doc Doctor

Doc Doctor

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It's true that every character has death-avoiding reflexes, but if they didn't then any old punk with a quick hand would be able to take even the most hardened of warriors off-guard.

I was confused about this when I first came to W42. I had a Bruce Lee style martial artist that could throw punches like tea and biscuits, but even random female characters that spent more time doing makeup than training were able to react to blows that only a trained boxer should have been able to see.

It's fair, in its own way, because it gives everyone a fighting chance, makes fights more about strategy and less about surprise attacks, and keeps us from losing characters a week after we make 'em.
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