The Mining/Smithing Rework

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I agree with the idea that these 'new' coals would be much better heating alternatives and would ease the forging of certain metals. (This is under my assumption that a lot of the difficulty around adamant is that it's incredibly finicky in regards to high temperature.)

As for the ore itself, there is no shame in stating that new deposits have been found. The Sixth Age was built on discovery, someone had to have found Guthix's resting place after all, and it's been a few years in-universe, so who's to say that further explorers haven't found any new deposits?

However, with that said, orikalkum is still an incredible rarity and everything beyond Dragon does border on 'legendary'. To be honest, I find the rework to be very refreshing as it means that the rarity and power of certain metals correspond directly to the level necessary to make them.

The results of the highest levels of metals would certainly be one-of-a-kind works. Things that people would start skirmishes over and build legacies with.

One aspect of the rework that I had completely forgotten was 'Masterwork', which I am also very excited about. A recognition of talent, even if mechanically only the last three tiers will be affected by masterwork.

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