The Mining/Smithing Rework

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Holding this discussion before we know anything about either types of ore is really dumb.

Startraphell said:
Okay. So. Imma throw out a bit of lore. Dragonmetal could only be previously smithed by one human: Linza. We all (hopefully) know what happened to her. Now, there is another person who can smith it, the Adventurer, but if Linza was the only human that could Smith dragonmetal, it means that she had (Pardon my fourth wall break) level 60 smithing at least. And she was considered the best smith in the land. This means that no character, in theory, should be able to surpass her. As such, I say the following: We stay as we are now, and say that nobody can smith any of the new metals.

Linza isn't a master blacksmith. She's noted to be an expert, but not a master. She traveled around Gielinor and learned different types of smithing (blurite, elemental, dragon-smithing, barbarian, etc).

If you're, say, seventy or eighty and have traveled the world as she did, you're probably better than she is, just sans the dragon-metal smithing. Hell, if you specialize in one thing and do it extremely well, you'd still be top of the class.

Also, Linza doesn't like machinery. Which means that any innovative, new, Sixth-Age hipster smith doing some cool inventive **** is going to make better **** than hers.
I am going to break your arm so that the bone juts out and then I will stab you to death with your own insides. I will win this chess game, is what I am saying.

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