The Mining/Smithing Rework

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Naval Pupper

Naval Pupper

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So, I think most of us know that the mining and smithing rework is coming up soon.
My question is: How will this translate to IC?
Our guidelines for metals, such as their value, ease of smithing, ease of mining, etc, are based on what we're given in-game. Runite is hard to smith, difficult to find, and extremely pricy, because there are very few mining spots in game, and they require high mining and smithing levels. With the rework, runite will be brought down to a level 50 tier, which is below the current mithril tier of level 55. On top of this, there are 3 new metals being introduced: Necrite, Invictum, and Aetherium.

On an In-Character basis, will we say mithril and adamant are easier to obtain than we've been saying OOC, tone all the metals down a notch, etc etc, or will we just say these new metals are legendary tier and ignore them on the basis that no one should have them, continuing on as normal?

Would love to hear input.
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