Ghosts and Wights: A Question

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1) Maybe for the first, definitely for thr second. It depends on how the ghost is played. I tend to play them as staying at signs of especially gruesome death of their owner. Places where they are in too many pieces to truly be reaped by the Reaper. You can play a ghost, but they can't stray very far from where they died. I associate Nature Spirits with this as well. You spread your essence too far for the Reaper to pick up the pieces.

2) If I can take a guess? Not very. Saradomin priests seem to make or carry them as a standard exorcism tool, to lay the dead to rest.

3) This is where it gets tricky. We have no evidence of anyone but a Mahjarrat, specifically Zenouregal or Sliske keeping Wights. We do know the process, and I find it safe to assume any highly magical, powerful being could make some. Humans may be too weak for a proper Wight like the Barrows, Gregorovic, or Arrav though.

4) Perfect Necromancy is confirmed by lore to be near impossible. Even tier 3 Gods, such as Saradomin, need a special tool to do so. And were there others besides the Horn of Reincarnation, Saradomin would have likely gone looking sooner. He really cares for the Centaurs. Wights can stay alive though, with their own mind. To an extent. Arrav required direct control, and the Barrows lost all free will to ensure their allegiance.

5) Entirely possible! Just ask the player of the character first.

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