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It's currently 4am as a write this. I can't sleep, and this thought has been lingering in my mind for far too long. Do bare with me, please.

I will predict it now. This thread will probably get derailed before anything actually comes of it. I'll probably get called stupid, or any other mean things that you wonderful people can think of. Since I know you all love me so much.

Anyways, here it goes:

Of all the problems that plague our little community of misfits and outcasts; the situation with blacklists has been long out of hand.

The blacklist has long since been used far beyond it's original intentions and ben corrupted for anyone's personal gain. It's been a fall-back to avoid losses in many situations and cheat oneself into power.

While in some cases a blacklist is necessary(I could name quite a few, but I'm sure you all already know the most of them.); they are, in most quite the opposite. I do not wish to propose the complete and total annihilation of blacklisting. What I wish to propose; while a temporary fix, could make conflicts and casual rp alike much more enjoyable.

My proposal: (wil u mary mi)

A group set to handle conflict-resolution and act as a sort of "court system" for blacklists.
This group would be asked to come in and challenge the legitimacy of blacklist or conflict and settle it. (Also challenge legitimacy of mass voiding/powerplaying.)

It would be fair to not force this to be applicated to personal blacklists, rather for those that wish to OOC'ly banish entire groups without reason.

Plausible requirements to be a judge:
-Unbiased roleplayers a must.
-Not rule in a (major?) POK/POC/Etc.
-Not be a member of either conflicting group.

Plausible statute of limitations:
-Judges may only impede on dissagreements if called upon.
-(Anything else, I'm drawing a blank.)
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Your thoughts?
Feel free to post.

Edit: Also, I typed this on my phone. Expect pleb-tier spelling errors.
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Sounds neat. I remember back to the peak of RP (say 2012 or so) this was a pretty big issue with people blacklisting just to void their characters death because "oh no, this character that I is a representation of me but a sick cunt version died! I CAN'T HAVE THAT HAPPEN!" or something akin to that. It was dumb.

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Creating positions of OOC authority has always been viewed poorly in this community, and despite my own somewhat authoritarian leanings, I do not think that any system conjured from arbitrarily plucked individuals will really hold its weight. Arbitration is very much something which has to be considered by those who speak for the larger groups, and that becomes a very much more complex matter. It's a lot of work, not least when most people consider this a hobby.

Consideration must also be made for the importance of the blacklist, and the power of the community itself to effect change. Blacklists are used on a clan level in order to protect that clan from what is perceived to be an unreasonable threat to that clan's continued RP function contrary to community rules and conventions. You will often find that in cases where a blacklist has been unreasonable, it will blow up in the face of the blacklister. Acts of isolation and severance do damage on a two way level, and sometimes they work to the benefit of the parties involved, and sometimes not so. If someone does ostensibly abuse the blacklist, they may well suffer as a consequence of that malaise.

I don't think this is as much of a crisis matter as people make it out to be. The vast majority of roleplayers and roleplaying subcommunities communicate and cooperate to a far more effective degree than people give them credit for. There's been a lot of pessimism as of recent, but from the amount of RP I've seen over the past few weeks, people's creativity and the will of group leaders to, by and large, settle disputes as best they can between themselves, I wouldn't say that the outlook is particularly bleak.

A positive outlook can do a world of good, and perhaps a little bit of measured contemplation on what good does exist and continue and prosper may stem the need for any particular finger pointing.
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idk man

why cant people just not be salty and just do stuff for the good of the storyline

but i mean that's coming from me lmao

(Your proposal is neato, but idk who could be trusted for judges; I mean, as long as someone has a character and has interacted with the community, they're gonna be biased. Even I'd be horribly biased, given a seat of power like that OOCly)
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Personal Opinion on Black Lists: (The "you" is a general you, and not directed at the OP.)

Black Lists are terrible. Just ignore someone you don't like. Don't spread toxicity around. Besides, you can't really tell someone who they can and can't RP with. That's just being a control maniac.

You'll never be able to make a system like you propose work because there is no such thing as an unbiased Roleplayer.

Everyone has opinions on what is right and wrong, and what is acceptable and not acceptable. Its impossible to enforce such things. What you say is right, someone else will say is wrong. Who is really right? Everyone.

RP is for fun, and making a great story. Not winning. The only winners in RP, are the people having fun.

I may be new around world 42 Runescape Roleplay, but in my 20+ years of Roleplaying in MMO's, I can honestly say this sort of idea will not work. I've seen similar stuff come along and it ends in an explosion of drama and hurt feelings.

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Honestly, maybe I've been living under a rock but Blacklists largely died with 2011's end. There's a lot of "ignoring" other players or groups but there's not a "Don't play with these fools" style of blacklist running rampant these days.

Ever since the community took initiative in 2011 to take an oath away from the malicious use of blacklists, the community's been doing well to avoid reinstating them en masse.

Not sure if this is really a problem - maybe I'm living under a rock though.
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There are three problems with this:

1: How would the we know people who would be on this "jury" would be trustworthy enough to handle something like this without bias (which, as far as I've seen is relatively impossible to find)

2: Blacklists are, today, mostly irrelevant. Nobody really uses them anymore, it's more of a personal pick and choose for each person who they want and don't want to RP with. And really, no one even tries to post them on threads anymore because they just get taken down, which brings me to my next point

3: Blacklists are against Jagex rules, and the mods will just take them down as is their job.
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