Land Holdings: The Revival?

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I'm going to keep this post brief and to the point - so hear me out, and then let us be civil and discuss the matter at hand.

When we voted to disband Land Claims, I was among those supporting the notions and a pretty vocal voice at the time. So do not get me wrong: I have not been pro-landclaims for a long, long time now.


Revisiting the concept and realising the current state of the community, I would like to open up a discussion about the possibility of reintroducing the system, albeit with less actual enforcement from the fabled LC Admin.

With the current community's size, the competition and multi-claiming of cities is a very, very rare occurrence. Those of you around in the days of Land Claims should recall that it was problematic due to multi-claims and the frequency of wars to claim land (which, for those who did not experience it - at least 1-3 battles for land typically occurred in a week during the Summer of 2011). This should not physically be a possible problem anymore - especially not near the frequency that made Land Claims destructive.

Rather, under the name "Land Holdings" (to better escape the negative legacy attached to the name), why not reopen another administrative thread that simply records who is posted where? This doesn't mean "one group owns Varrock", but rather "X clan is regent/the city of Varrock, Y clan is a mercenary group operating out of Varrock, and Z is a Zamorakian cult living in Varrock".


As mentioned above, the things that made land claims destructive are rare issues in today's community. Rather, the main issue threatening the community is activity and interaction (or lack thereof). By once more putting life into the "interaction factor" that Land Claims had given, it may help the community maintain a more active state of being, leading to new members, and growth.

So let's discuss it - please, give reasons. "I do/don't want it" isn't a discussion.
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10-Oct-2016 16:11:38

Ptolemy Dean

Ptolemy Dean

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To be honest, I don't think we ever got rid of land claims. The practice has always remained. People just stopped calling it out for what it was. I doubt it will ever change. Now, I've always preferred the idea of occupying or operating out of over substituting NPCs, but I doubt people will care what you call it. Everybody wants to be the king. It won't change how role-play is done. "Ptolemos, the friendly, informative Mahjarrat."
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10-Oct-2016 17:04:27

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You can never make all the roleplayers interact with eachother like they used to and start roleplaying as much as they used to with this. A minor tweak to a system that has been used since the near start (just not with a thread that goes along with it after a while) is not going to solve this.

A landclaims thread is nothing more than an innocent list that keeps track of slabs of land that people roleplay in and sometimes own, that's it. I could make a nicely detailed thread like the one you talked about in your opening post today and it would solve nothing, not even on the long run. It would not make people become more active, it would not draw in more people and it would not make people like eachother's roleplay styles, resulting in interaction.

Than again, what do I base these claims on, huh?

I hope you still remember that massive thread I opened up a few ago and here's a couple of things that can most certainly be concluded from that thread. They heavily apply here since they are reasons/causes for the problems (activity+interaction) you mentioned:

» Runescape is not that attractive for roleplaying anymore.

» Not all people like to roleplay the same way.

» Not all people think about things the same way.

» Not all people like the same theme when they roleplay.

To say that Spartae said:

another administrative thread that simply records who is posted where
is going to solve the things you said it would .. wait what even do you base that on? You have nothing to back this up.

So how about you
don't present this as an initiative that solves things
but more as a service to the people that roleplay on W42
. There is only one way to find out if you're right about the things you claim. Collect your proof and create the thread you speak of after the people that want to have had their moment to give you their views and input.
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10-Oct-2016 17:49:18



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As is the purpose of this thread: to let people's thoughts on the topic be rendered.

As to the idea of service v. Initiative: that is very much a persona flavor text for me. Just like the active role plays FC, I often think of services that the community could use and present them. Personally, however, I am always seeking the initiative of social experiments to understand the RS community - therefore, what is a service to you is still a social initiative to me. Does it objectively have to hit a "Mark" to accomplish anything and end? Nah, it's all about observing what it changes and what it doesn't - as well as genuinely attempting to help the W42 community.

Two sides of the same coin, if you will.
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10-Oct-2016 19:08:47



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I was at the time a vocal critic of removing land claims. I felt that the way it was done was a forum-moderator overreaching and it was. The way that we got rid of it was wrong but now that it's gone I think we're better off. The idea of a recording thread without anyone having some authority stem from that just isn't realistic.

Once someone has the "power" to record that
Spartae said:
"X clan is regent/the city of Varrock, Y clan is a mercenary group operating out of Varrock, and Z is a Zamorakian cult living in Varrock".

They gain power over deciding who is legitimate and you can't design that out of the system and I can't think of anyone who'd take the job that wouldn't abuse it and if I could I couldn't think of a second, and eventually there would be a second.

The current system works and it's a much more, for lack of a better term, democratic system in which people who are recognized have legitimacy and if you have legitimacy you'll get recognition. Drawing legitimacy from one recording individual won't help anything.

10-Oct-2016 19:37:36

Lord Pyro I
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Lord Pyro I

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I won't rant on about this too much, everyone knows my personal views on this.

But I would like to mention that just last week I was talking to someone interested in getting involved in our community. One of the first questions he asked was if there was a thread recording who owned what on W42. When I explained that there wasn't he said that was "absolute madness".

Having things that make it easier and simpler for people to arrive in W42 and quickly get involved is a good idea, beneficial to our community. The idea of freelance isn't just about rp not associated with a clan but with rp you can just jump into with little or no foreknowledge.

We've already had some comments on this thread saying this won't fix things, to which I agree completely. But I don't believe any single thing could "fix" this community and have always been sceptical of radical suggestions that imply quick fixes.
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10-Oct-2016 20:40:02

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