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I want to give Camelot to someone else. Not right now, probably not within the next two weeks- I want to make sure I give it away on a high note of activity, with the schedule in place working out for everyone.

But, I want to give it away to someone who I know holds an interest in Camelot, is interested and capable of actively running it and someone whom I can trust to do the right thing.

So, post if you'd want to take it.

NOTE (especially for you daku): I'd really rather pass it on through inheritance to a member of the Telemmaitë family. Character can be made up or the role of one of his sons be taken.
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Vlod VonVern
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Vlod VonVern

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It would be within my character's interests and ambitions to try and make a claim to the throne, whether legitimate, conquest or by other means. That said, I don't personally feel like I have the time to run a roleplay to the standard I strive for and therefore would likely only pursue this if someone else did the majority of the forum work in my stead.

That said, I feel that, IC, Vlodimir will likely try for Lady Tailynn's hand still as it alligns with my character's motives.
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The ever elusive Glaerun the Troubadour will gladly take it.

(Not really, don't trust me with power, I'd go mad and make Aerys look like a wise king)
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Am RolePlay

Am RolePlay

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I'm interested, won't deny that. I'd most likely use my character Tristan as I've not had much time for him, and I'm looking to retire Tommen soon.

Camelot, to me, has so much potential and I think that I'm finally at a point of stability to where I could grow the role-play in Camelot to something tangible. I've got a few decent people in mind who could help me generate plots, freelance and character-based quests.

As for Catherby and the Chosen Battalion, I think there's a good deal of potential for some back and forth, hostile or not! I'd also take my position in Camelot to help create a sustainable Fremennik role-play by coordinating with Fremennik leaders to get bodies going around, characters involved, etc.

I'm willing to commit time into the role-play and if I found myself incapable of sustaining role-play in Camelot, I would hand it over to a successor promptly.

I figured I'd drop this here just to express interest. Blox, if you decide that you want to talk about what kinda stuff I have in mind - shoot me a pm.

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John McAfee said:
You should do a plot that makes Camelot an uninhabitable wasteland. If not, I second Steve.

EDIT: seriously i know a dragon or two that could help blow up all of northern kandarin if you want tbh

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