The Harsh Words Of Truth

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While the winter chill still nipped at the air throughout Varrock, and fresh snow remained on the ground, people began gathering around the city center, just outside the palace grounds, as a wooden podium was set up.

"Release Armond into our custody now or the salve barrier will be let down."

The words boomed throughout the city center, again and again, before Aaron Lansing stepped up onto the podium, a simple orb in his hand. He gave said hand a flick, and the words stopped, and he began to speak.

"Those words, that threat, comes from this...Saradominist Inquisition. That is what they think of the people of Misthalin, of Gielinor, that they are better than all of us, simply because they praise Saradomin, and that we deserve such treatment! They think themselves above the law! I witnessed one of their men, this Armond, attempt to assault two of my daughters, our Queen Elrina, and Crown Princess Lumina, after he stole the corpse of Lumbridge's own Grand Duke, Lothar Cross.

The man committed treason and was punished accordingly, and yet the church throws out such threats to us of all people, those who know all too well the horrors that await on the other side of the Salve. I beg of you, people of Misthalin, for your Queens sake, and for the sake of our nation, that you begin to question the true intent of this Inquisition. Their intentions may seem pure, but threats of such darkness do not come from the pure of heart, or even the darkest."

As he stepped down from the podium, the recording played once more.

"Release Armond into our custody now or the salve barrier will be let down."
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The men and women of the Royal Armed Forces would shout cries of protest and outrage. Cries for the Bishop's head on a pike, body hung from a tree, or burned at the stake were among them. Like minded individuals might join them, as the RAFM around Misthalin had a new fire in their eyes, as they rallied to protect their loved one's and ways of life. No one was going to force them to submit, unless they stole from them their very lives.


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That wasn't recorded, though, I'm fairly sure.

Regardless, if it actually was,

The acting command inquisitor paced the inner sanctum, eyes on his faithful follower.

"Do they have any proof that the recording isn't faked?"


"Say that."

He shook his head and wiped the sweat accumulating on his forehead, before heading to his quarters.

And so it was done. Nailed to the doors of every church was a message:

"Ask for proof from thine queen's men, and thou shalt recieve none.
Misthalin is against the church, and they wish you to be, too.
Do not play fool to their insane accusations of heresy against god.
For thine own safety, be suspicious of their lies."
The ending of the words is ALMSIVI

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In the depths of the sewers sat Le Masque upon a wooden throne, gulping down a bottle of mead. A beggar crawled up to him, whispering the news. As Le Masque knew more and more details, he grinned under his iron mask.

He laughed.

"Poor, poor Little Boy Blue.."
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A tirade from the altar.
The congregation, attendance to which had not dropped, sat uneasily. While, for now, the Saradominists of Varrock continued to go to sermons, they were nervous. Whether it was the realisation of the gradually increasing militant activities by the Inquisition, or fear of repercussions from Aaron or the Army, who was to tell? Perhaps it was both. The citizenry oftentimes found itself stuck in the middle of abstract power struggles.

After the primary benediction, there was a reading from the Book of Wisdom. It spoke of deception, of how the powerful seek to rule the poor, but of how the learned know that there is no man above another except in Divine Appointment; that all are subject to the overt authority of the Lord.

"... and no man, be he magical, royal and possess any other trait of mortal worship, should be regarded as above another, for the only one above the common man is not a nobleman: no, he is a man with divine appointment. Our Divine Rector, for example, His Holiness, is a man with divine appointment. King Sennis. King Varrick." Father Aberdire, of no relation to Ardmond Aberdire, paused between the names. "Queen Iliara. Queen Helena. Queen Elrina. They are all vested with Saradomin's blessing to rule, but this is no authority that they may pass on under canon law. To do so without the approval Saradomin's Vicar, the Divine Rector, is abhorrent abuse of position."

He shut the book, then, before continuing.

"Now, we are all aware of the surge in activities by Prince Aaron. We are also aware of his lies and deceit. In our reading, we learnt the tale of Sliske - the terrible fiend which served a Pretender to Saradomin's Crown in the past. One who sought to manipulate through lies and half-truths. To me, one who accuses Saradomin's holy Church of actions against His people, is a liar. For as we learned in this tale, there is no man above the rest. There are but guides, appointed as Kings and Queens, Bishops --
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-- and priests. Whilst material status differs, no man is guaranteed nor authorised brutal authority over their common equal. Scaremongering is a tactic of the weak sinner." He paused, his eyes moving over the assembled audience. He looked... Disappointed, if nothing else.

"On our door we hang notice that there is no proof of crimes from our Archbishop, Armond. I certainly do not believe that he has broken laws; if anything, the Misthalite Crown, Saradomin's Divine Appointee to guide ye, has broken its bond to Saradomin. It has hidden evidence of Lothar Cross' true alignments, something which the Archbishop was following up. It saddens me, too, that they would hide the fact that he was not only a heretic, but he worshipped the Fiend in private." The priest held up a symbol of Zamorak, perhaps shocking those in attendance.

"A symbol just like this one, bearing unholy powers, was discovered in Lothar the Heretic's chambers after he fled. The Crown, most probably under the advice of the same man who attempts to frame the Church for an crime it has not committed, seeks to fool ye, brave and worthy Saradominists, into thinking we would invite a terror from the East into Misthalin, the same man who, curiously enough, almost burned down half of the slums in one of his last public appearances, whilst entertaining some sort of "high-speed" chase, the same man who utterly changed after being held captive in Morytania, yes, he probably advises her.

"Dwell on that, good adorers, for the rest of this sermon, and beyond."

His lambaste of Aaron over, the priest continued with his mass. He didn't expect to be above the law, and fully appreciated the fact that he may have committed treason and that the Misthalite authorities will probably arrest him. But that might have been the point, to sacrifice himself to open the eyes of his flock.
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Slinking through the crowds, the figure adorned a cloak and hood of orange. Covering the lower portion of her face was a dark, red rag. At hand lay a bow, colored in orange and gold. At her back sat a quiver to match. She walked into the palace with a nod of greeting to the guards, and followed the staircases and ladders up onto the roof of the palace. From here, Ilyssa Reliquia-Elysian dusted back her hood and gazed out over the city that had been her home for many years. Soon, clouded blue eyes grew distant and hazy. Her mind wandered.

Foolish of me to think for just one moment that the first Godless Surge against the Armadyleans would be the last Godless Surge there was ever due to be. Long live our soldiers, and die with little honor may their foe.

As a guard approached the blonde woman, she turned on a heel to face him. She took a deep breath before speaking. "Tell him that I will fight." Without another word, the guard turned himself around and walked away. Ilyssa turned back to her home and watched over the gathered citizens, before closing her eyes.

And thou, I know, wilt be the first to see our best side, not our worst. O let us see another day, bless us all this night, I pray. And to the sun, we will all bow, and say 'Goodbye', but just for now.
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A well dressed figure clad in a tall, wide brimmed black hat watched the speech in Varrock with a grimace. What heresy was this- a man would speak out against the Most Holy Church of Saradomin, and use the threat of releasing the foul Demons of Morytania to instil fear for the Church in the hearts of good, innocent men and women? This man, who stood preaching foul, blasphemous words even had the audacity to accuse the Church- no, Saradomin Himself of treason against the Kingdom? Of which the Queen ruled with the divine will of said God?

But who could only take down the Salve barrier but a witch? A practitioner of the Dark Arts. Those who worship the foul Zamorak and coverse with his minions. The man adjusted his headwear and kissed the Holy Symbol of Saradomin strung around his neck, and began to move through the snowy streets of Misthalin's Capital. He moved towards his home, his sanctuary, He had a letters to write, and people to see. He would not see this Great country crippled through the most foul deeds of the infernal magicks of Zamorak- through the most foul deeds of Witches.

As a side note, the character is under the impression Aaron faked the recording.

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