Starborn's Return

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Thank you to anyone and everyone who's supported me through this, I wasn't expecting to get such a shite time just when I began this. It isn't what I all had planned, but it's somewhat near, and I'm grateful for that. So, people who have attended, even if it's for one event, thank you so very much. Onwards with the results of Sarim.

"This entire thing was a bloody mess... To think more worlds have fallen. Massacre greater than what has happened here. I feel- I feel like this needs to be ended." -Nova, sometime after the battle.

The results of the battle of Sarim were quite destructive. Buildings hit in the crossfire of siege weaponry and even more corpses and bloodshed scattered all throughout Sarim. The White Knights fought valiantly, and succeeded at their counter-attack with the aid of our heroes. And one not so much hero. But he ran off with a little alien dog. Lives were lost, but many more were redeemed. And even more in the future.

The Navies led by Anjali Hunnai, with the eventual assistance of Rend, hammered the back end of the mile long Battalasava. With no real casualties. And should be considered a heavy success for the Asgarnian naval forces.

And the detonation of the Scaravian's ancient cannon, destroyed Battalasava. Whilst the Knights stood their ground with covering siege support. And assistance from our diverse heroes. The battle was won, and the massive demon was explosively obliterated, leaving everything in a large radius bloodied one way or another.

Lakana, the Moonborn queen, now lurks with her shattered Sunborn horde. As they all begin to wither and die. Or run off elsewhere. She sits in wait, within Witchaven. Expecting her executioners to arrive.

And again, thank you all so so much. I wish I had the confidence to do all of the little other things I had planned but. What's a girl gonna do, right? I wish you all the best days and nights.
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