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A Game of Thrones

King Jacob Delvar has been deposed of his throne. Since the tag-team takedown of the white dragon Volon, Jeoffrey Halvorsson has kept a close eye on Asgarnia to see how this novice Kandar noble handled a kingdom. The result is quite obvious - Rebellions from the day-one coronation, with the kingdom ready to collapse more and more every day, action must be taken and so it has been.

The Kandar-named regions of Eastmarch and Sarimia are occupied, lead and guided by his allies, and clever manipulation of Jacob has resulted in all Imperial forces being marched from their posts and in to Kinshra-occupied territories, leaving no Kandar-loyal militia left behind to contest the coup. A confrontation in the darkest hours of the night, crossed blades resulted in Jacob's defeat, however his life spared in exchange for an oath of his departure. Asgarnia has successfully seceded from Kandar influence, and will be welcoming the crowning of its long-time hero, he who stood firm against the forces of Sliske, who saved the native Renderra family and aided the Greys time again, who walked with the people and earned their love. Across Asgarnia the word spread:

Rejoice! The Kandar Puppet is no more, Jeoffrey Halvorsson is King!
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The day before the incident, Aeyla took leave a well needed break. The Kandarin woman heard nothing of the incident. Given her love of home however, it would likely be assumed she would not be happy with the outcome. Throughout her time at sea, she worried the whole time about leaving the kingdom as it was.

The guards were either deaf or stupid in her eyes. And they were left there, with the soul purpose of defending the city. That thought alone scared her. nearly kept her to stay even. But even she knew that she was starting to get abusive with them. Half the people who crossed her lately were getting a sharp hand to the face.

And so, she sails. Returning to Camelot for the week, She believes in her heart that she deserves this.

"Everything will be fine", she repeats, putting away the negative thoughts.
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Don’t sing below my window.

All this drama happens when I’m asleep! 😂

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Really wish the new regime hadn't immediately blacklisted the Kinshra due to predetermined bias brought in with the new leadership.

We had some good roleplay going, and we can only apologise to all of those who wasted their time developing characters and plots only to see them go nowhere.

We will be looking for some way to continue our roleplay, though this remains difficult when not accepted by the other half of the nation we inhabit. Stay tuned.
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