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Once he entered the command tent, where in the center lied a table which had been used to draw up every strategy used, or unused, in the events of the battle, accounting for every logistical and practical probability, Jonathan was surprised to find only his Archmage, Zoey, present.

The shock only lingers when she approaches him, saying these words which, in a deeper meaning, foreshadowed her ill intentions. Further dumbfounded by her embrace and affectionate gestures which he knew to be rather abnormal of her, Jonathan was too slow to move away, draw his sword, or even register what she intended for him, before his body jolts, and seizes, his heart stopping once the lightning struck it. Darkness fell over him, and life escaped from him in moments. His body crumples to the floor, metallic parts clunking against the rocky earth below, and against each other.

Moments after she teleported, the King's generals and a Knight of the Crimson Throne, who was meant to preserve the life of the monarch, stumbled into the tent to find their sovereign lying disheveled, lifeless, and pale, on the floor before the strategy table.

The news of tragedy struck across the country, that just as he was about to end Francis' rebellion once and for all, the King's heart stopped suddenly in the presence of seemingly nobody. In just a night, Commander Charleau's forces were revitalized, and as the King's forces scattered without any guidance, the rebels advanced on the heels of their retreat back to Ardougne, pushing over the next several days in reverse of the King's progress, towards the capital itself. Now seen from the fortifications at Ardougne, the rebel commander's infantry, having seized Khazard, was bolstered by newly-captured siege machines from the King's army.

In just a night, the war sparks to life once more.
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