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Alrekr Ormr

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Approaching a barren field towards an old farm house. A elderly farmer rocks back and forth in his chair. "Where is Thok!?"

The farmer leand over with his hand cupping his ear. "Thok, where is Thok!?!"
"Thok?" Grumbled the farmer. "No Thoks here." He then proceeds to reach out his arm towards his fields. "And my fields are bare as well. No thoks here."

"Well if there are no Thoks here, then where may I find Thok?"

Scratching his stubby chin the farmer ponders for a brief second before extending his finger in the direction to travel. "In that direction you find a Thok to give."

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"I heard you were looking for a Thok?" A young farmhand from one of the rival farms would approach, dusting off his hands with practised precision before stopping and leaning against a nearby pillar.

"The idiot came over to our fields and started yelling about some curse that had befallen him. He tramped all of our crops, and now Thok's in hell."
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Alrekr Ormr

Alrekr Ormr

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"What, the Thok? The great Thok is in hell for trampling through your fields? Surely there can't be a single Thok in hell."

The young farmhand tilts his head back gargles his lip herbs before launching a massive mucus of spittle onto his boot. "Ye-up, that there crazy beef cake went straight down to hek. Hell is full of Thokery now."

"Beef cake?" A silent mutter as the town banker casually strolls by. "Why I know the exact individual you speak of with that rather vague description."
He stops and digs his hands in his pockets to reveal an crumbled up gum wrapper.
"The crazy fellow gave me this before running but naked into the woods screaming at the top of his lungs."

"I'm going to Thok you up." Everyone chimed in as the coincidence sparks a suspicion of a greater plot being revealed.

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