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To those who riot and rally against the noble and benevolent rule of the House of Grey, this true House of Asgarnia in their descent from the great Asgarn Raddallin, know what you do offend. That is the peace! Your noise hath chid down all the majesty of this Kingdom! In the resumption of cankerous anarchy, wherein you sit as kings to your desires, what have you got? You preach that insolence and strong hand should establish dominion over order and placidity, and in such chaos none, not wife nor child nor self, shall live to see venerable age.

In James, grandson of mine and named after my grandfather who restored this kingdom to true line in defiance of the Olivriar usurper, must we find unity. In him is invested all piety, majesty and power of the Crowns of Asgarnia, and to this no riot can resist. Think, good friends, of how horrible a shape your innovation bears. It is a sinful enterprise, and thus in arms against the King, you are in arms against Saradomin himself. For Saradomin hath to the King invested his office of dread, of justice, power and command, hath bid him rule, and willed you to obey! And, to add ampler majesty to this, he hath not only lent the king his figure, his throne and sword, but given him his own name, calls him a god amongst men. What do you, then, rising against him that Saradomin himself installs, but rise against Him? What do you do to your souls in doing this? O, desperate as you are, wash your foul minds with tears, and those same hands, That you like rebels lift against the peace, lift up for peace, and your unreverent knees, make them your feet to kneel to be forgiven!

All provinces of this great, holy, imperious realm shall once more be reunited under the divine, anointed countenance that bears the Crown and in this, he shall command the fullest power and prejudice. The King is clement, and if you bid for merciful peace then peace shall come, but bid for destruction, and so shall your own come.

~ The Old Magnificent.
Tom ~ Player of Oliver II, King of Kandarin, Prince of Albamonte, Prince of Camelot, Keeper of the Legacy of Baxtorian and Vanguard of Armadyl.

06-Jun-2016 17:30:54

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