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My Idea: A Clan where you can roleplay in a original-like story. I say like because I think it would make sense to keep certain elements from the game into this rp clan story thing :) . So like cities,gods,bosses,etc.

The only reason I want to do a clan is to basically have a way for people to communicate, have a base for everyone to gather if they choose, and going back to the communication, I feel if everyone is in a clan they could have a subclan of sorts.

Let me explain what I mean because I am terrible with words,haha. The main clan would be like a hub of sorts for people to gather. From there maybe me and a group of people would want to be traveling merchants and another group would want to start a blacksmith in Varrock. I want that, to make a world out of a clan in a sense. That way, these smaller groups could meet in the clan hub to maybe trade wares or if there were an evil monster needed to be stopped (Like a boss so multiple people could face it without really breaking character), they could meet up. Or maybe a group wants to be villains and they are out in the Wilderness.

Multiple Characters: I will allow multiple characters on one account, just be sure to make it easy for people to know/ tell me or someone higher up if you make another person please!

Additional Details: As I am a member, I am looking to do this all on World 42. As a game, I would assume that if you are in another world, that you would be playing a game and not roleplaying which is cool and I will do that from time to time. Non-members, if possible, can join too! Idk how it would work but if non-members join I will try to find a way to have fun too :). This is something I've always wanted to do, and if you have questions or you want to join please let me know! I don't have anyone as of this post so there isn't a clan yet however if it becomes a reality I will either make a new post or add to this one!

01-Mar-2018 03:41:29

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That sounds like a great idea, but instead of it being a clan, (everyone is either in a big one that isn't a role-play clan, or are in a role-play clan already and won't leave) Make it into a friend chat, or a thread that notifies people of said role-play. A clan isn't really needed. Maybe a discord group can be made also. But for a hub, its best to have it as friend chat or a thread. Nonetheless the idea is neat.
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Update: Created the friend chat :). I'm not sure how people add your friend chat exactly? The name ingame is Soulninja19 and I named the chat soulrp for now. Anyone can join and invite people, the more the merrier :). Sometime down the road, I might make a wix page of this small universe we all create so if you miss something or don't know the groups, that would help to inform you. See you all there!

04-Mar-2018 00:25:26

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NalthasTwtch said:
I'm planning on founding a new RP clan, 3 irl dnd buddies looking for founders :)

Your offer still standing?
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