Ursal's Sermon

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A collection of sayings, aphorisms and prophecies allegedly attributed to Ursal the Exile, surviving verses are nonsensical and muddled.

He-Who-Sleeps anticipates the Three Holy Syllables.

Tranquility is the cornerstone of a house of troubles.

A life in excess is often a life fulfilled.

All shall be One.

Wrath is rewarded.

Kindness is Man's indulgence.

Balance and Chaos are fruits from the same tree.

Dawn shall descend into Dusk, the Night is ours.

Order is a traitor. Justice is a liar. War is a disciple.

The Tears are our sustenance. The Guards our feast.

The Three Holy Syllables are at our lips, but not in our words.

Treachery is a useful tool.

Omnipotence is destruction.

It is noble to beat plowshares into swords.

Silence is a skill. Cunning is a gift.

Balance shall die so that Balance might live.

To seek wisdom, seek the fool.

His Kiss precedes His Love.

Rest now, the Dreaming is at hand.
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