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This was a fun conversation a few of us were having earlier- what would your character be like if they were transplanted into a modern-day situation?

For example,

Andreas de'Moselle would have been raised in a prominently wealthy family with a good business empire, expecting his brother to inherit the business and him to assist, though his religious views conflicted. He wanted to become a priest.
His father, Varian, was taken down in a massive scandal that left him in prison, and his older brother inherited the business earlier. Instead of running the business, his brother completely broke down and bailed off to live somewhere in Cuba, and Andreas was forced to attempt to run the business. He failed miserably and instead left the business in the hands of the religion he planned to become a priest of, and ran off to Cuba as well to live a life of sin for five years.

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Anthony Olivriar
The son of a prolific French political and military figure, he grew up at his family's manor in England with his then-married parents. A child of priviledge, Anthony was given professional lessons in the use of firearms, as well as hunting. As part of an attempt to settle in his hometown, after his parents split, Anthony signed up with the police for two years, before leaving to his father's town across the world, and beginning to work in the police there. Noticed by a foreign country due to his family's political history, Anthony is offered to be its chancellor to assist the Prime Minister in the running of her country. After a short run in office, with his job complete, Anthony resigned to gather an army and take over a failing, poor, and separated country with a flawed, oppressive system in the west.
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Anna was born to a Norwegian and a French Scientologist, and was later adopted into the leading Scientology family with her twin. She ran away at eighteen to join the University of Toronto and study Bio-medics. She shared a room with a English noblewoman, and the daughter of a African warlord. She also made friends with a Californian and an Italian. They ended up nearly destroying Tuscany after a little bit of a mix up. Later, the Italian ended up going crazy and killing Ellen in a robbery because they didn't have enough money to buy a Nandos. So, he ended up being arrested and sentenced to a lobotomy, and forced to serve the University of Toronto as a Janitor for the rest of his life. Later, Anna snuck into his room only to find Prince Harry and a Llama there, they all ended up shooting the Italian but the llama went too far and shot him 27 times in the chest. Anna stumbled back at mmm whatcha say started playing in the background. A year later, Anna and the African go on holiday to meet her family and that doesn't end well. Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.

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Elise Olivriar, the daughter of a wealthy French man in a wealthy French family, was that girl in high school. The one who'd happily say "F*** you" to anyone and never paid attention in class, yet somehow maintained popularity and good grades. She knew your name, your birthday, your favorite color, whatever, even if you almost never talked to her. The star of the theatre department, the head of the cheer-leading team, the prodigy in all of the music classes; she always got what she wanted. Even in a life where she had everything, however, Elise was troubled. She had to be perfect, because that's what was expected of her. She had no idea what she would do in the future, because everyone was pushing and pulling her in different directions. And what if she disappointed someone, somehow, in some way? It was a stressful situation, but the choice was hers to make, and no one else's. So Elise ran away. She packed her bags, took what she could of her father's money, and cut off contact with most of her family. She made a life for herself. Performing was her passion, and as a result Elise showcased her talents as a career. She joined Cirque Du Soleil, performed on Broadway, played in orchestras, you name it. She had friends all over the world. But in the end, she had to settle down. Elise sought out her family, seeking to re-establish contact with them. And she did!
The end.
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Irathion Merayne
After his family falls apart, Irathion goes on a really long trip around the world, doing almost everything and anything for money. After settling down in St. Petersburg he quickly becomes a political figure in Russia, eventually becoming one of the most powerful men in the country. After an unsuccessful attempt in rebuilding a Siberian military base and the sudden change of rulers, Irathion starts slowly growing more and more insane. After a while of being insulted by rest of the government he sets fire to a factory he owned and flees to a tropical island. After several years, he returns only for a short while only to move into Germany to live a life of drug and alcohol abuse.
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Imprisoned for many murders in a Mental Illness center.

High Templar Iskandar Kingswood
Heading the Christianity Defense Force.
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