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Hello all,

Going to keep this short. Was wondering if people would be interested in (yet another) Void Knight group. I still have concepts - indeed an entire thread - from when I was preparing to host one a couple years ago, but didn't in the end.

Key take-aways/ideas to consider are:
- emphasis on gritty/high pressure and morality
- a story written in an episodic-like format with a theme surrounding each one
- incorporation of the newer skills (divination and invention) into the VK theme
- against the odds and survivalist - greatly disadvantaged

Anyway, the point is I wanted to see if - as the title suggests - the interests is there. I'd also quite happily welcome writers to help collaborate with the overrarching story, as I've lost a lot of the details over the years.

Thanks for reading.

EDIT: forgot to say - if you want to discuss anything further hmu on discord. If you don't have me added you can find me via the "w42 nursery" server
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