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\/ How long has the character existed OOC?: Since April 2011...? Around then, I think.

\/ How old is the character ICl'y?: He's about early 50's now - give or take, I honestly lost track because people time skip to ****, old enough to have two full grown children in their twenties either way.

\/ How active are you?: Give me two weeks of prep time (and I'll have a new laptop then. Woo) and it'll be good to go.

\/ Do you feel that you're capable of keeping the Tower active? Considering I've been involved in numerous incarnations of the tower, was a former co-leader of a couple of past tower incarnations and generally I know how to make magic roleplay interesting without it devolving into repetitiveness, aye.

\/ Can you remain fair and unbiased to all role-players that you encounter, no matter personal friendship (or lack there of)?
To the roleplayers? That's easy. Blank slates are allowed and all and expected. To the characters, in-character? No promises there.

\/ Is your character a Misthalite?
He is. Born and raised in Varrock.

\/ If you had the opportunity to launch a "test-drive" role-play for the tower; what would it be about, and how would you go about executing it?
A test-drive would be difficult to launch without an idea of how I want to do it. I'd need time to answer this, to first decide what systems and ideas I want to put into the tower first, but generally I'd expect to do a kind of class or field-trip.
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