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Ooh. Not seen one of these in a long time. :D

Kat is a bit old. She likes her classic rock, being the kind of mom to hum Carly Simon to her kids to get them to sleep. Likewise though, she likes some odd fringe groups like Holy Roman Empire, and some emotional things such as Evanescence and a dash of Halestorm.

Thalia has a much younger taste. She's tattooed on her upper arms and legs, and her music taste matches. She would enjoy listening to a few upbeat Fall Out Boy songs, Nu Metal, a dash of Industrial, but a bit of folk for some flavour. She keeps an open mind, and her lute playing translates well to her playing an Electric Guitar in 2016, though not to any sort of professional level.

Chwyn Ilaith, my Meilyr Elf enjoys psychadelic music when "Meditating," with many classics by the Beatles, Yes, and some Beach Boys coming to mind. Otherwise, she will listen to anything she can dance to.

Corina is a classic rock girl with a taste for folk metal, and a bit of country. Johnny Cash, Flogging Molly, AC/DC, and Led Zeppelin come to mind.

Aira Tamura is a bit of an EDM nerd. She's partial to 80's pop, as well. Michael Jackson, Journey, Deadmau5, and Skrillex come to mind.

Finally, Deborah. She's a fan of songs with a bit of show to them. Things that come with a bit of swing, a cheery melody, but masking dark lyrics. Voltaire, Panic at the Disco, and some Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne songs come to mind. Not to mention her love of dark Showtunes. (Devil’s Carnival, anyone?)

EDIT: Somehow I forgot Paid'Ad the Demoness.

She enjoys the orchestral pieces performed by her babbling, insane servants.

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