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Hello everyone.

So as you've all probably noticed, I've not been around very much at all lately. I was hoping I would be able to find enough time in my new schedule to fit in some plots to wrap up the Camelot civil war plot, but unfortunately it's just not possible.

So instead of letting Camelot slide deeper into activity and denying someone else a chance to give it a go, I'm looking for people who have an interest in taking over the Kingdom and the role-play. There is just one key condition that applicants must agree to uphold: Camelot must remain independent.
So, if you'd like to give it a shot, please express your interest below, thanks.

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Zeu s

Zeu s

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I've been with Camelot since the start all the way until the back stabbing of the King and then all the in-activeness occurring. I've expressed my interest multiple times, if possible I'd like to have a shot at it. ;)
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13-Sep-2016 18:21:54



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LuciusAnubis said:
Camelot, the first W42 POC I prticipated in, I am willing to give it a shot if needed!

This may just seem like I'm saying this because I'm his friend, but:

I know Luc from our time on 41 together, and I have to say, he would be very well suited for the job. We have not always been on the best of terms, especially at one point where our respective kingdoms were bitter enemies. But, even then, I had to respect him, because even when he was nagged on from all sides, with people saying his ideas were garbage and would never work, he persevered through all the critics and made RP in his kingdom. His dedication to a cause he sets his mind to his great, and, repeating myself, I think he'd make a great POC leader.
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14-Sep-2016 00:08:16



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I have no interest in the role (obviously, I'm in the kingdom over), but I think that a collection of people interested in the role should be brought together to provide a team and a base for Camelot to spring off of, rather than shouldering the entire burden on a single person. Tom ~ Player of Oliver II, King of Kandarin, Prince of Albamonte, Prince of Camelot, Keeper of the Legacy of Baxtorian and Vanguard of Armadyl.

14-Sep-2016 00:10:33

Bruce Willis
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Bruce Willis

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Don't give it to Tom or anyone else running a POC right now or in the recent past; give it to someone new to have a go.

Don't know who, doesn't really matter.
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14-Sep-2016 00:32:32

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