Tea Party

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Tea Party

"After traversing the City of Varrock, you finally happen upon a large house. Lanterns hang outside illuminate the front door in the night. Small chatter can be heard inside the house as you approach..."

Aaaay, welcome to the Tea Party, all that's here is a few IC rules and the time and place I'm hosting this. The rules should be common sense, but around here, ya never know.
IC Rules

1. Please don't bring anything bigger than a shortsword into the house in terms of weapons.
-1a. In fact, don't bring anything large and sharp into the house.
2. Don't break anything, seriously.
3. Please stay in the Entrance Hall, the Living Room, the Kitchen, and the Dining Hall.
-3a. If we need more room, the front yard will work for anyone that doesn't mind sand.
4. Try not to get too loud, I'd rather not have the neighbors come knocking on my door.
-4a. If you're unable to keep quiet, take it outside.
-4b. Likewise, if you're going to fight, do it in the streets like everone else.
5. Just use common sense, try and act civil.

Break any of these rules, and I'll ask you to fix the problem or have you leave. Continuing to break these rules will have you banned from my house entirely.

Day, Time, and Place

Day: Fridays
Time: Starts at 5:00 PM Mountain Time
Place: My PoH in Rimmington

Be there or be square.

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I have a Gorajo living in Al Kharid. I hope she's welcome. "I am true divinity! I am the father of nations and peoples! I am the thing you merely pretend to be! I am God, and I am King, and you can never defeat me!" ~Galath, Infinity Blade

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Aaaaaaay in less than 24 hours, the Tea Party shall begin. Please drop by I need friends badly Come on down, it'll be fun I think, and remember,

"America is Great, because America, is Good."

28-Oct-2016 01:39:09

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