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I know at least one of you had thoughts you wanted to express. Well, go on and say them. But avoid naming names and baiting, be civil: the moderators are watching, and you'll sooner make an example of yourself than the fellow you sought to make an example of.

Don't forget to go put in your "votes" on the survey thread first, it'll help before commenting.

My Thoughts on the Blacklist
I was around back in the day when blacklists could be on clan threads, names open to the public for all to read. While it accomplished the purpose of ''lookout, this fella's not someone you want to be around'' it also had the tradeoff of sticking someone with a bad rep if they made one bad mistake, and harder to improve one's image.

I notice some players get extremely attached to some characters, and would be more likely to be disruptive nuisance (read: screw the general rules of getting along in public rp) on the characters they liked a lot than the ones they didn't focus on quite so much. Limiting blacklisting to the characters where the troublemaking was done can certainly work out. The player is less attached, and less likely to let their emotions type out their actions rather than their head.

World Antagonism
I'm biased as a fellow who spent most of his time in antagonistic rp clans, but I have no problems with world antagonism. But for the love, don't give me a boring ''I want to rule the world!'' reason, make me interested in what's going on, and why its going on.

Invasion Time
I was around back in the day of ''24 hours and we're gonna slaughter you.'' It made procrastinating threats from acknowledged players hard but allowed time to respond, but it takes 10 seconds to find the ''attack when everyone's busy because we live in a different timezone/environment'' loophole. Trying to set up a meeting and having a timer if wrongly ignored (the part up for interpretation) can fix both, but is the group really worth rp'ing with if they ignore?

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More thoughts. Silly me, forgot to make reserves! Don't feel bad though. I'm an old relic.

Ignoring PoK Invaders
From personal experience (because anecdotal evidence is so reliable) it happens for two reasons: you don't want to be bothered right now, or someone thinks there's a disruptive nuisance or two dozen among the invaders and it'll be an awful time. If you don't want to be bothered, try arranging a battle time or offering a deadline for when the discussion will happen, and enjoy the brief mental space. If its the ''disruptive nuisance'' option, get ready for a heart-to-heart talk and explain why you feel they aren't a group you can validly acknowledge. (Tip: people get defensive at that last part.)

What about regulating the flow of time?
If there's an issue with people doing rofltimeskips to unveil powerful spells, martial prowess and other stuff like roflhealing, do what needs to be done to solve the issue (assuming that's how this got brought up). If not, just try to have fun with it.

Is a POK that only does private RPs a public group?
If I had to phrase that as ''is a group that calls itself public and only does private rps a public group?'' I'd have to say no once I stop laughing. Public interaction is a requirement for a group to be public in the same way a book club needs to have books to be a book club.

Does announcing an RP make it lose freelance status?
How did this become a question? Assuming its an announcement to get more people, nothing wrong with it. I always thought of freelance as being impromptu, and I'd call it freelance as long as the announcement comes after the roleplaying starts.

Some races have no place in public rp.
No custom races in public rp. They need lore, so keep them in private or sandbox. As for lore-based races, I'm fine with any of it as long as its not being overpowered. Mahjs to ogres to humans, I've seen them overpowered (including humans) and I've seen'em done fine.

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What is your stance on POKs?
I personally haven't had an issue, the best ones I can remember had some very interesting plots such as political intrigues (think Game of Thrones for an overdone example) with results that could very much affect public rp, and oftentimes even be open to them. Of course, I have no idea how POKs are functioning now adays. For all I know, they might have turned into groups that do nothing but private rp.

Temporary revision of space - everyone's in one spot for awhile.
I've never been picky, and I've got no qualms with it. If the effect would be anything like Pokemon GO, people would certainly be interacting with each other and learning new things. Emphasis on temporary, though.

I think that's all I felt was worth commenting about.

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