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Seeing as the last Rellekka Clan has been dead for months and there has been no attempt in trying to make it an RP group again, I want to try my hand at it.

So, Community, who actually owns it still so I can ask pretty please can I have it.

It will be a mix of the classic Viking culture mixed with the changing "Westernization" to become a mix of a functioning Kingdom but keeping true to it's roots.

If not issues pop up in the next few days, I'll set upon making a thread and the usual POK stuff.

Fight me for it
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I know there were some other people interested in who have pmed me about it, but shoot me a message on skype or ingame so we can talk about it. Making sure who ever takes it rps more than the once or twice a month rp that goes on now. :)

12-Oct-2016 16:19:26

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