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A mere two weeks after the start of King Darian and Queen Anora's reign over Misthalin, the usual night shift of palace guards would assume their duties, patrolling for any suspicious activities that may threaten the King or his kingdom. Yet none seemed to have witnessed the courier until they were directly in front of the palace doors, a robe draped over them to conceal them from head to toe. Startled by the potential intruder, a nearby guard grabbed at them. However, as his hand grasped the cloth of the robes and yanked away, he was shocked to see absolutely nothing in its place, as if whomever was under the robes simply vanished.

Puzzled and bewildered, the guard held up the ragged robes, shaking them for a moment. From the sleeves dropped a single envelope, quickly retrieved by the guard. The front of the envelope read: "For the New King and Queen of Misthalin".

The letter would read:

To the newest ruling family of Misthalin, you have my dearest congratulations. Misthalin has always been quite the delight in the past, and I hope you can help steer it in an even better direction amidst these dark times of chaos and war. Formalities aside, there is a point to this letter.

My name is Syer Rzzar. I served as the Master of Magicks at the Academy of Heroes, back when it was at its prime, and I also served as ruling Lord of both Edgeville and Taverley at different points in time. It is to my understanding that the seat of ruling Lord of Edgeville is currently vacant. It would be my deepest honor to be considered for the position. As a newly established King, I would imagine that you are quite busy, hence a letter rather than a personal appearance. If you would like to discuss the matter further, you may send a courier to me at my home in Taverley. I eagerly await for a reply.

~Syer Rzzar, Self-Proclaimed Archmage

The Ramokee / Syer Rzzar / Halfjarrat / 38 / Lord of Edgeville

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