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My name is Jack, and I'm posting off my brothers account into one of the community forum pages to hopefully seek the hand I acquire from the Runescape community.

I played Runescape in my early childhood days, playing with friends, family and always striving to stay ahead in skill levels to be the best. I was a frequent player for two years before assuring my parents that memberships are safe and I wouldn't get scammed from such a popular and reliable company as Jagex, this was supported with receiving my 6 month membership later that month. From this period I played the game without hesitation and I was quite upset when i realized my membership had ended. I left of from where i had begun, pushing to level all my skills to the highest I could before moving onto another. I logged into Varok, a popular city and well known for the fire making at the East bank and the efficient east and west mines for easy banking access. Although i was using this location to level my rune crafting via the earth altar which was located north-east of Varok at this point in the game. It was the next thing which astounded me.

I logged into my account after having dinner, shocked to see a permanent ban issued to me for macroing. I was quick to react to this claim and aimed to resolve this issue as quickly as possible however being 14 years of age and my punctuation and grammar lacking specificity, did not read well looking back on it. Essentially wasting an appeal. Now three years down the track I aim to obtain my account, by posting in forums and telling my story in ambition to pull someones attention.

I believe I was issued the ban as I had just finished my membership, entering F2P. I cannot think of any other explanation. Perhaps a JMod noticed me and alerted Jagex or issued the ban there and then?

I would be appreciative if the community in particularly a JMod could assist me in my claim to retrieve my account.

Yours Sincerely Jack.

Account details heathy3033

08-May-2014 14:21:18

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