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Mod Phoenix

Mod Phoenix

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!!! When you submit your question/comment we will see it and it will be published together with an answer. Please don't send your questions multiple times as this will cause us to respond to all of your questions and comments much slower. !!!

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Mod Phoenix

Mod Phoenix

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Mod Crow
Mod Crow is a member of the community team at Jagex focusing currently on Social Media and competitions. Previously he has been involved in crafting some of the most popular community events, such as the zombie invasions for Halloween and the J Mod clones for the World Event. Currently he can be found spamming his followers on Twitter or explaining why Zamorak is awesome to everyone around him...Whether they like it or not... Oh, and Mod Crow talks apparently about himself in the 3rd person 

Mod Jane
HI, I’m Mod Jane. I’ve been with Jagex for around 2 years now, however, I was a player loooong before joining Jagex as I’ve been playing since 2005. You can usually find me in the middle of anything community related and also on my Twitter account @mod_jane. I’m currently busy with all things RuneFest right now which we’re all really excited about. But in-game, I’m currently training Herblore making overloads… watch out Vorago!

Mod Phoenix
Hi guys! Phoenix here. I’m one of the rookies on the CM Team but a fiery one! Currently I’ve been working on bringing more and more J-Mods to the round table – answering your questions in Reddit AMAs, herding them on forum round the Campfire, recording podcasts together with Mod Osborne and many other cool projects. I love trying new things – I’ve just started to learn how to skate and oh, a week ago I survived my first live stream!  Who knows what will tomorrow bring…

Mod Sabre
Howdy all! My name is Mod Sabre, and I have been working at Jagex for almost 3 years. I started my time here with 6 months in Player Support, before moving into the RS Community Team. During that time I was working the night shift, so it’s been pretty surreal moving to daylight hours and having to deal with that big nasty ball of fire in the sky! At the moment I am working on building up the RS channel so you can join your favourite JMods live for some questions and in game events!

Mod Seven
I’ve been working here at Jagex for almost 6 years now, the majority of that being on the Night Shift. I can now be found enjoying the sights, sounds and (most importantly) sunlight whilst working during the daytime. I like movies, comic books, video games and my favourite pony is Applejack.

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