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Q: Do you think Runescape has improved, or worsened over the last couple of years?

A: Most definitely improved. We're not deaf to the community and we know some updates haven't gone down well for certain players but the majority can see the efforts we're making to bring the game up to date and ensure that we're here chatting again in another 2, 5 or 10 years.

Q: if its improved why is it that the players are soo low ?

i mean if its better with eoc nis why is the player cont not going up ?

21-Sep-2013 18:44:31

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Because bots are rid of so the amount you see today is an more accurate amount of players who actually play and for as long as I have been playing I have loved all the updates sure some things got more challenging but why else play the game then to enjoy a good challenge. I only play this game because in all game I have ever played this has been the best one rs for life here my friend.

03-Dec-2013 22:01:15

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