Community Round-Up 08/08

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Community Round-Up 08/08


Keen to get some more insight into the upcoming Divination skill, and how it relates to RuneScape from a lore perspective? You’ll definitely want to tune in to RuneRadio this evening at 9pm BST, as lore master Mod Osborne will be hosting a podcast discussing just this subject!

As always, if you can’t catch the broadcast you can still listen to the episode shortly after broadcast in our Podbean archive, as well as iTunes.


It’s time for the 7th RuneZone Skilling Competition! This month’s theme is fishing, and the event will run from 14th August and will run for two weeks, ending on the 28th. The top prize is 1 million GP, so head on over to the event thread to sign up!

RuneZone Skilling Race

Have you tried out the Conquest minigame? The RuneHQ Events Team are running an event this Saturday (10th August), so head on over to their thread for all the details if you’d like to get involved.

If turn-based strategy isn’t your thing, the TMHT (Tip.It Monster Hunting Team) are tackling the Saradomin God Wars Dungeon on Saturday. Check out their forum thread for the times and requirements if you’d like to join in.


Community Videos

Kyleinkman has been training his Crafting level and has created these awesome rares made from Perler beads!

Almost possibly based on a potentially true story. Maybe. RuneScape – A Castle Wars Story by BigChinchompa.

For more cool RuneScape community videos, why not check out our Community YouTube channel?

Fun Stuff

So it would seem Regicidal likes collecting boots, and has amassed quite a few! Anyone else have any random collections in RuneScape?

Regicidal's Boot Collection

Fan Art

Order or chaos? Which side will you choose? This awesome image was created by Lift.

CRU Fan Art 0808 Lift

This lovely papercut picture entitled Zaros Pet: Microraptor was created by the talented Songofthevalley.

CRU Fan Art 0808 Lift

That’s all for this week! Please keep sending those submissions to us here at the Community Team’s email address. We love seeing what you’re all up to and - you never know - you may see your work or event featured in the next round-up.

Until next time, enjoy!

Mod Seven (@JagexSeven) and the RuneScape Community Team

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Okay, few things

'Boot collection' He has been claiming this on various sites, however he just bought the whole 'collection' yesterday. Attention seeking being featured? Sigh

RuneZone again, not even surprised but they weren't featured for a while which got my hopes up.

Good fan art though

08-Aug-2013 18:03:03

Syra Valero

Syra Valero

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That is a very nice paper art illustration of a microraptor pet ^_^. Congratulations on being featured in the Round-Up, SongoftheValley. I might listen to the podcast with Mod Osbourne about the lore behind divination.

Nice Community Round-Up :). And best of luck to collecting those pets, Debonnys


08-Aug-2013 18:52:02



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08-Aug-2013 20:35:45

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I especially like the paper cut Zaros Pet: Microraptor. Very original and creative.

Spiritika ~ the World Guardian
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08-Aug-2013 21:01:09

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My microraptor pet got featured!

"Songofthevalley" is my DeviantART username. If you check out the original upload on the official Runescape DeviantART account I signed my name "Sacornus the acorn" in the text.

No matter, thanks for the feature!!! :)

~Sacornus the acorn

08-Aug-2013 21:15:51

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