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17-Jan-2014 20:42:38

Calm Enigma

Calm Enigma

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Hehe spent a while going through the clan video winners, some were pretty awesome :D

Can't wait to see more clan competitions like this, was a great idea imo :) But we may need to take a course in videomaking in order to be competitive ^^

Purify said:
Looking forward to the forum Q&A.

And btw, I thought it was @Calm_Enigma who suggested Community Chronicle.

I'm honoured someone noticed :o I assume Aron must have beaten me to it though :P

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Power to the Players is a great - and much needed - feature to the game, fair play for introducing it.

Although it's a little sad to see the Invention skill won't be around for another while. :(

24-Jan-2014 19:55:25

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