Community Round-Up 05/12

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Community Round-Up 05/12

Just like last time, the Community Round Up is written by the players, for the players! We've gathered some of the finest minds in Gielinor to bring you this week's edition!

The RuneScape Community Team

Hello everyone!

We've got another great round-up for you this week. After we launched the new submission thread, we received a whole host of ideas and submissions to put into the latest edition. We've got a ton of great stuff saved up for future editions, and plenty to go into this one!

The past two weeks have been quite fun. We have received a lot of awesome feedback on the previous edition of the round-up, and we'll continue to improve it truly is what the community wants. Be sure to keep the feedback coming over on the forums!

Without further ado, enjoy the edition!


Back in November, Jagex released the Well of Goodwill, through which more than $90,000 has been donated to charity on the behalf of the RuneScape community.
There have been several livestreams and events in order to increase donations.

One such example was from Tireless God - who also helps write the round-up - who did a 24 hour PvM livestream as part of the RuneScape charity drive. The stream raised over 1.6 billion GP and when converted to bonds, equated to more than $1,000! This is something that the RuneScape community can be really proud of.

We also have two great videos for you!

First up, we have a massively metal cover of the Scape Main and Scape Bold themes, from the mighty StefanMoek.

Next, this short Machinima - made by Skyzah - is called The Church of You, based on a future update announced at RuneFest!

Fan Art

Ginger Kun shows us another way to use runes (other than blasting her enemies down with Fire Surge) utilising her crafting skills IRL. She impressed us all with this wonderful rune bracelet made from polymer clay.

CRU Fan Art

Berguukion created this wonderful artwork of the Wise Old Man using Photoshop. We love his attention to detail: the somewhat weathered look with the torn party hat, and the dark circles under his eyes that really show his age. Don't tell the Wise Old Man we said that, though - the next time we pay him a visit in Draynor, he might remove more than just junk from our banks!

CRU Fan Art

Caption this Picture

A great suggestion from the last round-up is the Caption This Picture competition. Below you will find a picture taken in-game, and your job is to give it a caption!

The three most side-splittingly funny captions will be featured in the next round-up, where the very best one wins an in-game Bond, for you to spend on whatever you want.

So, this is the picture we'd like you to caption! You can send in your captions by posting it on the submission thread found here. Be sure to include "CRU Caption: yourcaptionhere" in your post!

Caption Competition

Player's Voice

Player's Voice is your chance of being a guest writer for the round-up. You can write anything you'd like up to 200 words, provided it's about about RuneScape! Post it on our submission thread, and it might be featured in the next edition!
Here's a submission from the formidably-named PandahGoRawr:

The updates I'm looking most forward to in 2014 are the following:

  • Player Owned Ports v2 - This will hopefully make PoP even more useful, giving more incentive for people to skill.

  • Skiller Boss - Woo, something me and my skiller friends can enjoy!

  • 200th Quest - I just know this is gonna be amazing.

  • Minigame reworks - I really hope this gives every minigame more players which can enjoy it daily. I'd hope Castle Wars, FoG and Pest Control rewards would get buffed also.

  • Giant Mole rework - Oh you know this'll be amazing! Better get yourself a Falador Shield 4!

In conclusion, I can't wait what next year has to offer us, although it surely seems really promising. I hope everyone will enjoy the next year as much as I will.



Claim your Rightful Place is a very creative and lively discussion - if you could claim your own place in RuneScape, where would it be? Would you be the overlord/lady of the Grand Exchange, or maybe even the owner of Tutorial Island? There's only one way to find out!

Learn something new and chat with others - take a look at 'Did You Know...?'.

If you come down to the forums today, be sure of a big surprise - you'll find this Count to Five Challenge is harder than you might think.

Put your vocabulary to the test and see if you can Alter One Character.

If you like the forums, events, or both, then you may want to venture into a Weekly Forumer Event.

Player Events

Don't worry, we're not going on a bear hunt - however, we may be going on a Tree Hunt. If you are training your Woodcutting skill and have trouble finding the ever moving elder and crystal trees - or would just like a casual chat - then both the 'Tree Hunt' and 'Tree Hunters' friends chats are open all day every day. Feel free to join them!

Bonus XP may or may not be your thing, but if it is then Fast Sc and 1EliteSc are here for you. 1EliteSc now also run a weekly Stealing Creation Saturday, which runs all the way through Saturday until Sunday.

Fan Sites


The upcoming weeks are all about combat for RuneHQ. They're kicking off with a Constitution competition to see who has the stamina to gain the most XP within a week!

You can sign up to their competition, and find out more about it in the Skilling Competition thread

To get you off to a great start in that competition, RuneHQ are hosting a PvM Extravaganza! There are a variety of PvM Events, such as Nex, the Kalphite King, and the Corporeal Beast! All of these details - and more - are available in the Official RuneHQ Events Forum

Aiel over at Tip.It wrote an excellent guide detailing the process of killing dagannoth kings! This guide is up to date and includes a strategy guide for all types of players!

That all for now, folks! Hopefully you enjoyed this edition. The next round-up will be released later in December, and as Christmas is getting closer we'll be on the lookout for Christmassy creations and messages.

You can submit anything you'd like through our submission thread on the forums. We're looking for shout-outs, videos, art and messages for Players Voices!

Until then, goodbye!

Players of the CRU Team:

Canada Crow
James Rhodes
Miss Liddles
Riddle Art
Tireless God
Will Miss It

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90 thousand dollars! RuneScape community is the best! I love the set up of the community round up now. Before it was if you are good at videos or artwork you can send in your submissions...well I'm not good at any of that haha. Now its submissions that anybody can do and its great to see.

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Great roundup! I always look forward to reading these ones :D Den Leader of the new fansite
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The Caption this Picture link is broken.O_o Edit: The link is fixed^_^

CRU Caption: No, next time you can be the rock lobster!

Chinabad said:
First page!

*sniffles* i would like to thank my Mother and Father
Brother and Sister and my Girlfriend for aiding me through this journey to getting first page it means alot to me.

being dramatic aside YAY!

All fixed for you ! ^_^
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